How Teen Mom's Mackenzie McKee Is Rewriting Her Love Story With Josh McKee

Teen Mom OG’s Mackenzie McKee is opening up about her marriage to Josh McKee after “something bad happened.”

By Mike Vulpo May 05, 2020 2:00 PMTags
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Mackenzie McKee isn't giving up on this love story.

Close to nine months after the Teen Mom OG star proclaimed she was "freshly single" after cheating rumors surrounded Josh McKee, the couple continues to work on their relationship.

While their marriage is far from perfect—tonight's new episode teases a verbal fight between the two—the good times outweigh the bad ones.

"Something bad happened and a lot of good has come out of that as crazy as that sounds. It changed Josh," Mackenzie shared with E! News exclusively when alluding to her husband's past behavior. "He realized how selfish he was being. It helped me know how to forgive him for things. He's had to forgive me."

Perhaps a turning point in the relationship was when Josh pulled off a special surprise for his wife. When celebrating her 25th birthday, Mackenzie participated in a scavenger hunt that led to a proposal. It was later showcased on this season's Teen Mom OG.

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"The birthday was a shock. People can't even accept it because it was such a shock. Now they are thinking MTV set it all up. Josh didn't even know MTV was in town because he wasn't living with me. I kicked him out," Mackenzie clarified. "He knew I was talking to someone else and he started sending me gifts to the house everyday."


She continued, "It's been 10 years and he's taken me on dates and whatever but he hasn't really went out and gotten me a gift so every single day was a gift. He spent thousands of dollars and the last day was a ring and proposal and it was crazy. I still think about it and wow! My prince or this whole new man was waiting for me at the end. It was so crazy."

As the couple continues to raise three kids during quarantine, Mackenzie remembers some advice she learned from her late mom Angie Douthit.

"She said, ‘My story is not you and Josh's story but there were times I wanted to leave your dad. He would do this and that and he would make mistakes but we did have our hard times but look at your life. If you don't forgive each other and learn to give your marriage to God, then look how different your life can be,'" Mackenzie recalled.

And for the record, Mackenzie says her mom and dad's love story is "my favorite story to tell."

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