Beyoncé Just Blessed the Hive With New Music: Listen to ''Savage'' Remix

Hotties and Bey Hive, rejoice—Beyoncé has joined Megan Thee Stallion on the official remix of the 25-year-old's hit song "Savage" from her 2020 Sugar EP.

By Pamela Avila Apr 29, 2020 8:07 PMTags
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Beyoncé is officially driving the boat

Hotties and Bey Hive, rejoice—Queen Bey has joined Megan Thee Stallion on the official remix of the 25-year-old's hit song "Savage" from her 2020 Sugar EP.

The "Hot Girl Summer" singer took to Instagram to share her excitement over the release of the remix. "I'm literally crying... being from HOUSTON MF TEXAS this shit means EVERYTHING to me !!!! SAVAGE REMIX FT THE QUEEN @BEYONCE OUT NOW! All the artist proceeds of the song goes to @breadoflifehou to support our city during this pandemic! HOTTIES WE UP," she wrote, alongside a snippet of the song. 

The two Houston-bred artists released the track to support COVID-19 relief efforts in their hometown for L.I.F.E. Houston—the city's only food bank for babies that provides emergency infant formula for families with infants in the Houston-area.

Of course, fans of the two were quick to share their excitement over the two collaborating on "Savage" on social media. The two are currently trending on Twitter

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On the track, Beyoncé also shouts out the subscription content website OnlyFans as well as the popularity "Savage" has garnered on other websites like TikTok (celebs and users on the platform have gone on to do the #SavageChallenge). 

The Lemonade singer raps: "Hips tik tok when I dance. On that Demon Time, she might start an OnlyFans. Big B and that B stands for bands. If you wanna see some real ass, baby, here's your chance."

Most recently, the "Realer" rapper opened up about what Beyoncé means to her and what it would be like to collaborate with her. 

"Everyone knows I'm Beyoncé's number-one fan. When I met her, I wanted to faint, but I had to keep it cool," Megan said during her cover interview for Marie Claire earlier this month.

She also joked, "I know I'm not doing shit that Beyoncé would do. Half the time, I'm like 'Damn, Beyoncé would not be proud of this.'"


Later on Wednesday afternoon, the rapper went on Instagram Live to celebrate the release of her "Savage" remix. At one point during the live video, Megan was visibly emotional and wiped a tear while she shared how much of her late mother was a fan of the former Destiny's Child member.

"It's really crazy cause like, my momma was like a really huge fan of Beyoncé," she shared. "She used to make me watch a lot of Beyoncé stuff and it's like when I met her... I didn't want to be like omg Beyoncé me and my momma love you... it's just like, dawg, for real." 

She also went on to say that she felt "manifested" her collaboration with the singer. 

"Like I know, that they say manifest, but b-tch, that's a real thing," she said excitedly. "Manifestation is a real word."

Listen to the "Savage" remix here.