Will Smith Has a Virtual Reunion With The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Cast

Will Smith reunited with the cast of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air cast over Zoom during his Snapchat Discover series WFH Will From Home, and it was filled with nostalgia.

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Now, this is a story all about how the Fresh Prince cast reunited!

On Wednesday, Will Smith had a special reunion with the cast of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air cast during his Snapchat Discover series WFH Will From Home, and their virtual get-together was filled with nostalgia.

In anticipation of the 30th anniversary of the hit sitcom's first episode, which took place on September 10, 1990, fellow castmates Alfonso RibeiroTatyana Ali, Karyn ParsonsDaphne Maxwell ReidJoseph Marcell and DJ Jazzy Jeff joined together to celebrate the milestone, which will air in two parts. 

Excited to share their reunion with fans, Will took to Instagram to express his love for his Fresh Prince family. "Reunited and it feels so… AHHHHHH!" he wrote. "It's been 30 years since the first season of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air so I thought we should have ourselves a lil Zoom reunion!!"

This marks the first time that the entire Fresh Prince cast has reunited on-screen since the series' wrap in 1996.  

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After checking in with each other, the gang reflected on their close bond and how they were appreciative to be given the time to connect.

"It's beautiful pause button for us to stop and think about what's really necessary," Will said. "How often do we even pop on a call and say, ‘Hey, how you doing?'" While on the topic of the show's 30th anniversary, the Men in Black star continued, "Of all the things I have ever done, nobody brings up things more than they do about the Fresh Prince."

Taking the cast and viewers on a walk down memory lane, Will then played clips from some of the episodes, including his iconic dance scene with Tatyana. As the Christmas Everlasting star reminisced, Will joked, "It's so funny that Tatyana's always gonna be 11 to me."

Throwing it back to the pilot episode, Joseph, who played the Banks' family butler Geoffrey, recalled instantly clicking with the cast, especially with the late James Avery, who passed away in 2014. "Coming to do the audition, spending that few moments with Avery standing outside smoking a cigarette, coming in, meeting you. I wasn't scared. I wasn't apprehensive. It just seemed natural and I enjoyed it." He added, "It's special. It is, no matter what anybody says, it is special."