Kristin Cavallari Was "Blindsided" By Jay Cutler's Claims in Divorce Filing

According to sources, Kristin Cavallari was unaware husband Jay Cutler would be filing for divorce and thought they would settle decide custody arrangements outside of court

By Cydney Contreras Apr 28, 2020 10:57 PMTags

Kristin Cavallari is still reeling after husband Jay Cutler "blindsided" her with his sudden divorce filing.

While the reality star knew "that their marriage has been over" for some time now, sources say Kristin didn't know he was going to file for divorce last week. One source shares, "She had hoped they could work things out more amicably and they were off to a good start before Jay pulled the trigger."

In addition, multiple sources claim that prior to his filing they agreed to split custody of their three children 50/50, something that Jay didn't specify in his filing. Instead, he stated he is "the available at home parent and the primary caretaker of the parties' minor children."

A second source reveals Cavallari was "caught off guard" by Cutler's claim that he was the "primary caregiver," which triggered a swift response from the Uncommon James owner. "His filing was basically trying to take her out of the equation so she had to respond strongly. She's not going to be taken out of the equation when it comes to her children," the source explains. 

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A third insider adds, "Jay was playing for the NFL a majority of their marriage, for him to call himself the primary caregiver just because he is retired and she is working is not accurate."

Despite their respective schedules, a fourth source says Kristin is going to fight for full custody as she "feels she can raise the kids in the safest environment."

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It's unclear what changed between the once-solid pair, but it appears things took a turn for the worse upon the family's return from their trip to the Bahamas. According to the third source, "everything was amicable" between Kristin and Jay until he "blindsided" her with his request for a divorce.

Before this saga kicked off, the source says Kristin and Jay were "staying in the house three days on and three days off," so the kids could stay at their home. Now, the same insider says the reality star and retired pro-footballer are "on edge" and are both living in "separate parts" of their Nashville home.

As fans of Kristin know, she and Jay put their romance on full display on the on the E! reality series, Very CavallariOn the show, the famous duo appeared to have issues but none that caused fans to suspect a divorce was in their future. In fact, in one episode, Cutler toasted his wife, "To Kristin—thank you for making our relationship better and better each and every day. She doesn't settle for anything less. So thank you!"

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