Jason Derulo Made a "Huge A--" Donut Burger That You Have to See to Believe

Jason Derulo celebrated reaching 17 million TikTok followers by whipping up a massive donut burger. See his impressive culinary creation here.

By emily belfiore Apr 27, 2020 3:17 PMTags
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Jason Derulo can add chef to his resume. 

On Monday, the Cats star showed off his culinary skills by making a "huge a$$" donut burger. Proudly showing off his creation on Twitter, Jason can be seen holding his massive take on the fast food staple, which he put together by sandwiching classic burger staples like a meat patty, lettuce, bacon and cheese between two large donuts.

"Made a HUGE A$$ Doughnut Burger," he tweeted, along with images of himself about to dive into his innovative meal, which was done to commemorate reaching 17 million TikTok followers.

The "In My Head" singer treated fans to a behind-the-scenes look at how he crafted his celebratory donut burger on TikTok, documenting the entire process with a detailed video.

Kicking things off with his protein, Jason seasoned his patty, which had the number "17" written on it, to perfection and cooked it on his lavish outdoor grill. Then, he fired up some bacon and added it to the patty.

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Once the meat was ready, he placed several slices of cheese on top and popped it into the oven to get it melted just right. As the burger was heating up, Jason took his giant donuts out of the oven and assembled his burger.

After taking a big bite into the donut burger, the "Swalla" singer addressed the camera and said, "Definitely the best burger I've ever eaten. Thank you for 17 million."

Fans of Jason know that this isn't his first drool-worthy TikTok creation. Earlier this week, he posted a video of himself making a chocolate pizza, which was done using instant pizza dough, Nutella, cookie dough bites, M&Ms and a crushed up Twix bar.

Once the pizza was done cooking, he topped the sweet treat with a caramel drizzle and couldn't wait to take a bite. At the time, he was celebrating earning 16 million TikTok followers, so the drizzle spelled out the number "16."