Hilaria Baldwin Shows Off Growing Baby Bump Following Pregnancy Announcement

Hilaria Baldwin is taking a break for a "muumu" to share an update on her growing baby bump.

By Pamela Avila Apr 26, 2020 10:33 PMTags
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Hilaria Baldwin is taking a break for a "muumu" to share an update on her growing baby bump. 

Less than a month after the 36-year-old and Alec Baldwin announced they were expecting another baby, after going through a miscarriage, Hilaria is giving fans another pregnancy update. 

Taking to Instagram to share a stripped down mirror selfie, Hilaria jokingly shared that Alec said she was "unrecognizable" in her muumu. "So here we are, in case you couldn't tell... also: for all of you who are asking how far along I am: we are halfway there! Ps: not giving up my muumu, AB.... get used to it."

Earlier this month, Hilaria spoke to E! News about how her four children were dealing with the news of welcoming a new baby brother or sister to the family. And of course, "they are so excited!" 

She added, "They have known for awhile. By the time it was sort of more customary to tell people, the [corona]virus had become a really big problem in this country and it just didn't seem like the timing was right. We were wrapped up in so much."

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"With so much emotion in what had happened recently last year with losing two and never really having some chemical pregnancies, but never really having a miscarriage like that before. I was very caught off guard by this experience," she went on. "Now, here we are and it's past the point of where I lost the last one. The marker was last week. I am so excited. At some point, It's time to tell people and I am such an open book that it was kind of hard to be more hidden about it. I am glad to let people know."

News of her pregnancy comes about five months after she suffered a miscarriage

Hilaria also shared with E! News how she feels about her expanding family with Alec. 

"We both are not people who would have expected to have so many kids. If we didn't think we were doing well as parents or couldn't afford to have these kids, we wouldn't have them. We are very conscious of our family without overwhelming the system," she explained. "There can definitely be overwhelming times, but at the same time, going through something like now and realizing we have built-in play dates all the time. During a time that is so lonely, our kids can go in the playroom together and play with each other. The fact that we are doing it together, I am so grateful for. Whatever your life story, there will be pros and cons and positive and negatives and I feel like I am very grateful."

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