Fleabag's Phoebe Waller-Bridge Is Staying at Home With a Wall of... Penises

If you were to ever visit Phoebe Waller-Bridge's house, you'd be greeted with "massive penises." Find out what the actress is doing with the Fleabag prop in her house!

By Pamela Avila Apr 26, 2020 9:19 PMTags
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If you were to ever visit Phoebe Waller-Bridge's house, you'd be greeted with "massive penises." 

"You can't even escape Fleabag in the house you're in, can you?" asked the host of The Graham Norton ShowGraham Norton. "Because from season 1, the wall of penises, that's in your house."

"That is in my house, yes," the actress answered. "They're all here, keeping me company."

"Are they close at hand?" Norton asked. "Can we have a look?"

In a recent episode of The Graham Norton Show on Friday, the star and creator of Fleabag admitted that the "penis wall" is stored at her house until she's able to put the prop in her office after the coronavirus pandemic lockdown. 

"I'm hoping it will eventually become a hat stand or something adorable like that," Waller-Bridge joked.

Then she showed off the infamous wall of penises, saying, "This is what who welcomes people when they come through the door."

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"A couple of months ago... my sister and I live here and when we put it there at first, we were like, it would be temporary," she went on. "And then you know when you just put something down at your house? You don't think about it for ages and then it just becomes invisible to you and then you forget that you have 12 massive penises at front door." 

She went on to share that a few months ago, a deliveryman came to her door and she had "completely forgotten" about the prop by her door.

"He kind of had to bring something in and he was kind of knocking against the c-cks as he was coming in," she recalled. "I suddenly saw them again for the first time in ages and I just went, 'Oh god, I'm so sorry.' And he just looked me dead int he day and was like, 'It's art. Never apologize for art.' That was such a cool move from him." 

You can watch the interview clip above