Cameron Diaz Teases Her Return to Acting After 5-Year Hiatus

Cameron Diaz reveals how she feels about potentially coming out of retirement to star in the next big blockbuster, five years after starring in "Annie"

By Cydney Contreras Apr 24, 2020 11:47 PMTags
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It's been two years since Cameron Diaz dramatically confirmed her retirement, but like Brett Favre, this beauty is not entirely opposed to getting back in the game. 

In a recent interview with her former makeup artist Gucci Westman, the Charlie's Angels star confessed she's "never going to say never," when it comes to her potential return to the big screen, eliciting hope from the fans she's amassed over the years.

But, that statement should also be taken with a major grain of salt since the actress also declared: "I'm not a person who says never about anything."

Still, many are holding out hope that Cameron will once again act, whether it be on a sequel to the hit film Sweetest Thing or a new movie unlike anything she's done before. 

Her last role was as Miss Agatha Hannigan in the 2015 film Annie, in which she starred alongside Jamie Foxx and Rose Byrne

Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden: Romance Rewind

But Diaz doesn't seem to be in a rush to take up another job. She's quite pleased being at home with her husband Benji Madden, who she married the year prior to starring in Annie, and their infant daughter Raddix. The new mom shared, "I love being married. The best thing that's ever happened to me is finding my husband, our partnership, his friendship."

She revealed in another recent interview that her life pretty much revolves around Raddix and Benji now. She gushed, "It's nice, and I love a bubble and being in the womb of my home with my husband and cooking."

As for what she does with all this free time, the 47-year-old said she and Benji have a nice routine nailed down that consists of hanging with Raddix in the day, bath time in the evening and then a nightcap before bed.

All in all, Cameron said she's "having the best time," and that's all that matters.