LOL! Tim Gunn Declares He & Heidi Klum Are "the Oddest Couple in Fashion"

By Alyssa Ray Apr 23, 2020 10:32 PMTags

Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum are "the oddest couple in fashion."

The famed fashion consultant declared this as fact during his Thursday Daily Pop visit with E!'s own Justin Sylvester. Of course, the topic of Klum arose as Gunn discussed their latest collaboration, Amazon Prime Video's Making the Cut.

As E! readers surely know, Gunn and Klum became inseparable over the course of 16 Project Runway seasons. And, as Gunn put it himself, their lasting working relationship is thanks to "just great chemistry."

Nonetheless, the TV personality made it clear that they couldn't be more different, especially when traveling.

"We are the world's oddest couple and certainly the oddest couple in fashion," Gunn quipped. This gave Justin a laugh, who declared that the Making the Cut duo are "Oscar and Felix" of The Odd Couple.

Thankfully, viewers will get a taste of Gunn and Klum's quirky dynamic in a vignette in an upcoming episode of the design competition.

Heidi Klum's Best Looks

"There's a very funny vignette coming up on, probably, episode nine," Gunn spilled. "We're packing up in Tokyo and we see me packing up and we see Heidi packing up and we are indeed complete opposites."

This is the wholesome content we need right now!

Speaking of this trying time, Gunn had us laughing with his update from self-isolation. After jokingly declaring himself a "fat alcoholic with bad posture," he relayed that he's been enjoying gin martinis while social distancing.

Although Gunn was merely poking fun at himself, it was reassuring to know that one of fashion's biggest commentators has also fallen into the "comfort trap."

"I have elevated what I've been wearing because I was walking around in pajamas and a robe for days," the former Project Runway mentor continued. "And then I put on real clothes and it was horrifying."

Jokes aside, Gunn assured viewers that "we'll get through these dark days."

For all of this and more, including Gunn's defense of vocal Making the Cut judge and supermodel Naomi Campbell, be sure to watch the interview above.

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