Michelle Money's Daughter Leaves Hospital 26 Days After Skateboarding Accident

"26 days after her accident and she is walking out of the hospital with a whole new outlook on life," Michelle Money wrote on Instagram alongside photos of her daughter Brielle.

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UPDATE: Michelle Money's daughter Brielle is leaving the hospital three weeks after the teen was involved in a "terrible skateboarding accident."

The Bachelor alumna announced the news by sharing a few photos of her 15-year-old child standing outside the Salt Lake City facility with her bags packed.

"26 days after her accident and she is walking out of the hospital with a whole new outlook on life," the reality TV celeb captioned the pictures. "What Brielle has accomplished since she woke up from her coma is absolutely mind-blowing. Her ability to push through the pain and frustration of relearning how to walk, talk, eat, drink, get dressed, shower, brush her teeth etc. is beyond impressive to watch as her mother. Bri's speech therapist told us that in the six years she has been working, she has never seen a kid recover as fast as Bri has. I am incredibly grateful for her speedy recovery yet I know we have a long road still ahead of us. "

Money then called her daughter a "fighter" and a "warrior" who is "going to do amazing things with her life!"

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your love, support and prayers!" she wrote. "You will never understand what it has meant to us. Never. As I try to explain all of this to Brielle, she is slowly starting to realize what has actually happened the last month. It's a lot to process but she is very grateful for all of you! She does not want to be remembered for this, but I think we all know she has a big purpose here that will far surpass the memory of this accident. I am forever grateful she gets the opportunity to experience all this amazing life has to offer her!"

Near the end of her post, Money noted Brielle gave her permission to share the photos and thanked her followers for "respecting our privacy and allowing us to process all of this on our own time."

"Looking forward to a new and beautiful life with this kid," she concluded. "She is my hero. #BrielleStrong."

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To read about Brielle's accident and her progress, see below:


It's been three weeks since Michelle Money's daughter, Brielle, was involved in a "terrible skateboarding accident." On Wednesday, the teenager's father, Ryan Money, took to Instagram to give an update on her health.

"Brielle is absolutely crushing our expectations," he captioned the post. "Everything that we were prepared for she is blowing out of the water. To think that 10 days ago she hadn't moved and we had not heard her speak, and she is now walking and talking and it would be hard for you to tell that she was just 3 weeks out from an accident. She proudly proclaims, 'I do not have one tube hooked up to me anymore.'" 

Ryan then revealed that "the sensor in her head, the drain in her head, the pic line in her leg, the IVs in both arms and foot, the breathing tube and the feeding tube are ALL GONE!"

"Nobody is more excited about this than she is," he added. "Ever since the tubes have been gone we have not been able to keep her down. We think that she will be able to come home next week sometime. She will continue to work on getting her full strength back, but we are confident that she will get there."

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While The Bachelor star's ex said doctors advised them to be "extremely cautious for six months to a year,"—such as by having Brielle stay away from bike riding, running and playing sports—he said this is a "small price to pay for the injury she sustained."

He also thanked their followers for their support. 

"We continue to have a place in our heart for all of you out there who helped Brielle and us get through this," Ryan concluded. "As a parent, I cannot tell you in words what this whole experience has been like, from watching her in the ICU to the first time she moved, talked and then moved to the NTU, to receiving your prayers, fasts, thoughts and energy. WE LOVE YOU. We owe you more than we can repay so grateful for all the good that was poured out upon us! Thank you!!"

In addition, he shared a photo of Brielle's siblings standing outside of the hospital with handmade signs that showed their love.

On March 30, Michelle broke the news of the accident, which landed the 15-year-old child in the ICU and on life support.

"She suffered a serious brain trauma and a fractured skull," the reality TV celeb wrote on Instagram at the time. "She is in a medically induced coma to relieve pressure in her brain."

Michelle asked her followers to keep her family in their prayers. She also kept them updated on Brielle's journey, including her surgery and progress. On March 31, Michelle's boyfriend, Mike Weir, shared that Brielle is in stable condition. Michelle remained "filled with hope and love and support." On April 11, Ryan revealed his daughter had been moved out of the pediatric intensive care unit and that she's "doing so well." Just a few days later, he shared that Brielle is talking again. Once again, he thanked the supporters for their prayers.

"I am SO GRATEFUL for you," he wrote at the end of a post earlier this month. "I cry many times thinking about how grateful I am. Thank you!"

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