See Tiffany Haddish's Hilarious Response to Rumors She’s Dating Common

Tiffany Haddish had the best response to rumors that she's dating Common during her virtual visit to TODAY. See how the Girls Trip hilariously shut down Hoda Kotb's question here.

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Tiffany Haddish isn't having any of the romance rumors.

On Wednesday, the Girls Trip star hilariously shut down speculation that she's been dating Common during her virtual visit to TODAY, telling host Hoda Kotb to "get out of my bedroom."

"He's on Bumble," Tiffany, who is a Bumble spokesperson, teased as the mom of two asked to hear more about their recent date on the app, where she and Common highlighted its new virtual dating features. "We went on a virtual Bumble date. Get out of my bedroom, Hoda!" Further proving that she's single, Tiffany added, "Now it's just me in my bedroom and all of my clean clothes. I piled all the clean clothes next to me so it feels like somebody's in the bed." 

During their date, the Grammy winning rapper and comedian appeared to be hitting off as they flirted with one another. Before signing off, Common told Tiffany that he'd "love to see you again" and the two ended their chat by saying "love you" to each other.  

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Before trying to decipher her relationship status, Hoda asked if she was actively on Bumble, to which Tiffany excitedly responded, "Yes, girl! Yes, girl, I'm on that Bumble and let me tell you something, okay? When I first signed up for Bumble last year, it was cool because what I like about it is where, you know, as the woman, you get to make the first move. You decide."

When it comes to her ideal social distancing date, The Last O.G. star shared that she and her Bumble date would order food through the app and have an intimate night together. "Well, he's gonna order the food because I'm the prize. I'm the woman. And I already made the first move. So, you can pay for the meal," she joked. "You know, we watch movies together sometimes. Just talk. Dancing on the Bumble."

As for how Tiffany is faring while practicing social distancing, the Like A Boss star admitted that it's been "pretty amazing." 

"Well, quarantine life, darling, has been pretty amazing," she said. "First of all, I've been napping, like, ridiculously. This is so off my sleep schedule. I've been sleeping like a cat. This is way off of my schedule. I've been gardening, so that's been really fun. I dusted off my treadmill. I've been getting on that every day for a little bit—like five minutes."

Watch the hilarious video above to see Tiffany's reaction to those Common dating rumors and find out what new skill she wants to learn while social distancing. 

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