Jimmy Fallon and Wife Nancy’s Dating Advice Is Too Cute for Words

Jimmy Fallon and his wife Nancy Juvonen gave Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon their best dating advice during the segment "Ask The Fallons," and it was super adorable.

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Jimmy Fallon and his wife Nancy Juvonen have the best relationship advice. 

On Tuesday's at-home episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the longtime loves answered fan questions during the segment "Ask The Fallons." This time around, viewers wanted to know if Jimmy and Nancy had any dating advice for new couples and the duo provided the sweetest answers.

"Maybe realize that when you're first starting to date that this might not be 'the one' 'the one,'" the late night host shared. "Most likely, if not the one. It could be the one. I would say you're in the 5 percentile of that being ‘the one.'"

For her part, Nancy reminded Tonight Show viewers that actions speak louder than words. "Trust their actions, not their words," she explained. "So, you may hear the most beautiful things, you may hear promises, you might hear everything you want to hear but if that person you're dating is not following up with their actions, then they're just words."

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"So, trust yourself on that," Nancy continued. "Stop saying, ‘But, but, but. But, he said he liked me.' If he doesn't show you he liked you, you know, it might be a different thing."

Another important piece of advice that the mom of two had was to go into every relationship knowing what you want, stressing that you don't have to "rush to the altar" and that you can "just enjoy each other" if that's how you want it to be. Feeling chummy, Jimmy asked, "Did you know what you wanted with me?" Without hesitation, Nancy replied, "Yes," and credited that advice with helping her find her perfect match in the Saturday Night Live alum.

"The craziest thing about you was—for the first time in my life, someone told me to make that list of what I want and I had just assumed that I knew what I wanted but I never actually dated anyone who had anything on the list of what I wanted once I wrote it down," she recalled. "So, once I did that—and I'm not kidding—I went on to Fever Pitch and ta-da!"

Curious to know what was on his wife's list, Jimmy joked, "You wanted brown hair, good looks…tattoos." Chiming in, Nancy added, "Someone who is really muscly and great-looking and the most handsome prince in the world."

Watch Jimmy and Nancy give their best dating advice in the adorable video above!

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