Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer's BFF Showdown Takes an Unexpected Turn

Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer put their 20-year friendship to the test with a round of BFF Showdown on The Tonight Show—and it did not go as planned.

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Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer are best friends—or so they thought.

The Thunder Force stars put their 20-year friendship to the test during Monday's at-home episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon with a virtual game called BFF Showdown, where host Jimmy Fallon asked Melissa and Octavia questions to see who knows each other better. Based on the simple nature of the questions, Jimmy expected the game to go smoothly, but things took a surprising turn.

Kicking things off, the late night host asked the Gilmore Girls alum to name the college that Octavia went to. Taking a minute to think about it, Melissa answered, "Uh, you know what? I don't think she went to school." Octavia replied, "I absolutely did go to school," making the funnywoman rethink her answer. "I'm getting, like, a probably like a Ft. Lauderdale University kind of feel," she answered again. Unfortunately for Melissa, the answer was Auburn University.

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Moving along to an even easier question, Octavia was asked if Melissa was married. Hesitating for a moment, the Oscar winner said, "Pass." Surprised that didn't know the answer, Melissa quipped, "You're gonna pass?" Trying to give Octavia hints, the Bridesmaids star shouted, "Ben!" referencing her husband of 14 years Ben Falcone. "Well, he's not my cousin…" 

Acknowledging that things got off to a rocky start, Jimmy offered to re-start the game and gave the duo another chance to redeem themselves. Hoping Melissa would guess the answer right away, the Saturday Night Live alum asked her to say Octavia's last name. Stalling, she replied, "You know what? It's…I just don't say it. You know, you don't usually say…Man it's like on the tip of my tongue. It rhymes with her first name, I think. Is it Octavia?"

Disappointed that her bestie couldn't get the answer right, Octavia said, "Can we edit all of that out and, like, let this be the first question?" Melissa chimed in, "Octavia Boctavia." 

For the next question, Jimmy kept things simple and asked Octavia to describe what Melissa looked like. Putting on her glasses, The Shape of Water star examined the screen and confidently said, "She's wearing green." Shocked, Melissa fired back, "No, you're wearing green. I'm not wearing green. Are you looking at yourself?"

See who won the BFF showdown in the hilarious video above! 

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