Why Stassi Schroeder Exploded at Boyfriend Beau Clark the Night Before Their Engagement

Vanderpump Rules star Stassi Schroeder isn't happy with her love Beau Clark on tonight's all-new episode!

By Alyssa Ray Apr 22, 2020 2:00 AMTags
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Only Kristen Doute could get Stassi Schroeder's dark passenger to reemerge.

On tonight's all-new Vanderpump Rules, viewers watched as the Next Level Basic author exploded at her love Beau Clark over his friendship with Kristen. As fans of the show surely know, after several fights and miscommunications, Stassi chose to take a step back from her longtime friend.

Of course, this decision complicated matters for Beau, who met Stassi and the Pump Rules gang through the James Mae founder. Thus, he felt conflicted over whether to include Kristen in his proposal plan.

Since he was unable to share with Stassi his plan to propose, Beau attempted to gauge her real feelings by asking if she could keep Kristen "at arm's length." Beau's questions couldn't have come at a worst time as Kristen, Stassi and Katie Maloney-Schwartz were all on edge at their Witches of WeHo wine party.

Unsurprisingly, the interrogation about her estrangement with Kristen only made Stassi irritated, who felt she was allowed to "outgrow a friendship."

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"Be ok with me not wanting to be friends with someone who has stressed me out! And like, literally taken away from my life instead of adding to it," Stassi snapped. "I'm over it, I'm done."

As Stassi began tearing up, Beau apologized and assured her he wasn't trying to "make this a thing." Although Beau briefly squashed the drama, Stassi remained tense, especially as she watched him chatting with Kristen.

"I just want to really make sure that I'm making the right decision," Beau noted in a confessional. "Even though I know Stassi just said that they're not friends, what if Kristen and Stassi make up? They're gonna look back on it and wish that Kristen was there."

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Eventually, Stassi interjected herself into Beau and Kristen's uncomfortable conversation and, let's just say, it didn't go well. After Stassi accused Kristen of being "weird" with her boyfriend, the 37-year-old former SURver walked away from the conversation.

This meant only Beau was left to be the target of Stassi's wrath.

"Do you want to go run after her? Are you that upset about your friendship ending?" Stassi rebuked. "What the f--k? Why are you so upset about her? You keep picking Kristen."

"You don't f--king choose who my friends are, Stassi. I know that you guys are bad, but I can still have her as a friend," Beau responded. "Why are you so affected by this? Why are you so upset about this?"

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Later on in a confessional, Stassi admitted that this situation was giving her "PTSD" about her past issues with Kristen. For those who may not know, the once BFFs previously had a falling out over Kristen's affair with Stassi's ex Jax Taylor.

As Stassi became more hysterical, Beau began shutting down—which only made matters worse.

"You're yelling at me," a frustrated Beau expressed.

"I don't care! I am your f--king person, am I not?" Stassi sounded off. "Am I not? Am I not? Beau, am I not?"

Amid Beau's silence, Stassi stormed out of the party, which left her boyfriend beyond confused.

"What the f--k was that?" Beau remarked to Katie. "Oh my god, I need you to help. I need something. I'm supposed to f--king propose to her tomorrow."

Was Stassi's anger towards Beau justified? Be sure to let us know your thoughts!

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