Work(out) From Home: Brie Larson's Trainer Breaks Down Exercises Fit for a Superhero

Jason Walsh shares exercise tips with E! News for at-home workouts. Click here to watch the celeb trainer break down the moves!

By Jess Cohen, Amanda Williams Apr 22, 2020 4:00 PMTags
Watch: Celebrity Trainer Jason Walsh's At-Home Warm-Up & Workout

When Liam Hemsworth, Brie Larson or Alison Brie need to work up a sweat, they turn to celeb trainer Jason Walsh.

During these difficult days, the Rise Nation CEO is doing his part to give back to the community. Each week, Walsh is going Live on Instagram, sharing his workouts with followers. Now, he's breaking down his exercises and dishing fitness tips exclusively to E! News.

"A lot of my clients were like, 'Hey, would you do me a favor and FaceTime me and take me through a workout?' It just made me think, you know, I have a responsibility and I feel like I wanted to contribute to the masses as much as I can, because now more than ever people are at home," Walsh tells E! News. "It's my chance to give back to people and do my part, my duty. That's what prompted me to start putting together a workout."

"I'm going to do a weekly workout that you can progress in over the week," he shares.

Celebrities Working From Home During Coronavirus

"The reason why my personal training company is called Rise Movement is because I train movements. That's like the foundation, that's everything, so primitive movements, there's the squats, the hinge or the deadlift, crawling, oh my God there's just so many," Walsh explains. "There's lunging, crawling, lifting, chopping."

Walsh says that he doesn't regularly put videos out online because "there's method behind the movements" and he wants to make sure clients are doing the exercises correctly.

"You know, single leg, double leg stuff, split stands, controlling tempos, there's rep variations, things we should be taking advantage of which is what I'm trying to do in these workouts that I'm doing," he tells E! News.

"If you look at everything that I'm doing besides the full body flexion v up, besides that, everything is pretty primitive. What I'm trying to show people is there's going to be things outside of the box that you might not have thought about, that you might not know about," the trainer continues. "I want to show people and give people the tools so that, when I am done posting workouts, and I have gone back to my life, there's something you can draw from or even educate some other trainers out there so they have useful information that they can apply. That's my intention."

"I tell people...the challenge is to get to 10 sets of these exercises. People that I know, Brie Larson is doing it, Kristin Cavallari, she posted about it. I didn't make this workout to be difficult," Walsh tells E! News. "Everybody should be able to do one to three rounds. The idea is to progress."

"The progression on this is to try to add a round each day to get to a point where you can do a thousand reps and do it well. If you're doing enough rest in between, you should be fine," he continues. "If you're fit as hell, then you can kind of shorten the rest interval, and that should give you that conditioning aspect to make it an even harder workout, or add a weight vest, or slow down the tempos. There's so many things you can do."

When it comes to his clients' favorite exercises, Walsh says it's an "acquired taste."

"I think in the beginning, a lot of them are like, 'Oh, I don't want to do that or I can't do that.' To me, I keep those in the back of my mind so that I someday can go, 'Remember when you said I can't or I don't want to?' Because everything that we do has application, you know, and it's important to me. I don't do things to entertain people. I don't," Walsh shares. "There's a lot of people trying to make things so that it looks cool or it's Instagrammable or something like that. I don't care about that. I just want people to get strong and move well and be pain free and that's the idea."

Walsh is also sharing diet tips, telling E! News that it's "situational."

"Brie [Larson] is a special case because she is just a badass where she got to the point where she was working out and getting so strong she was just constantly eating because she was so hungry and just couldn't get enough because she was burning that off. That's something where she got to the point where that was a viable option," Walsh explains. "I'm not going to recommend that to most people, but people that are fit and are really in shape and strong, they've got to feed themselves. People that are trying to get into shape, I think you need to cut back on some of the fats and carbohydrates which are very useful macronutrients."


Watch: Celebrity Trainer Jason Walsh's At-Home Aerobics Workout

"It's just learning and understanding how and when. Eating more into a high protein satiety type diet where you feel full, it takes time and dedication where you mentally don't have those cravings," he adds. "Sugar is a bad culprit. It's addictive as hell, and it tastes good and I like it and most people do and there's a reason. You have to limit that stuff. It's not good for you, but, listen, if I get the chance to have some dark chocolate covered nuts, that's one of my favorite things. I don't do dairy because I know that it causes inflammation in my gut and I know that could cause a major issue in absorbing nutrients, so I don't do it."

Walsh suggests figuring out what's best for you and "add or subtract things one thing at a time and play around with it."

"It keeps you engaged in your diet. It's something you can go, 'Holy s--t I just stopped doing this and all of a sudden I can see four abs instead of two,'" he explains. "I can say the number one culprit is simple sugar. It's hard, but that's where the one day a week, I will do dark chocolate on Saturday."

Watch the videos above to see Walsh demonstrate the exercises!