Your Binge Watch, Solved: 54 Stars and Showrunners Reveal Their Favorite Episodes of Their Own Shows

Exclusive: Find out which episodes of their own shows more than 50 different actors and showrunners chose to recommend for a watch or a rewatch as we're all staying safer at home.

By Lauren Piester Apr 16, 2020 10:00 PMTags
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In the mood for a binge watch but you don't know where to start? We're here to help. 

Over the past few weeks of quarantine, we got input from 54 different stars and executive producers on their favorite episodes of their own TV shows. Some were chosen because they were fun to film, some are just fun to watch, and some are particularly good showcases for the actors that chose them—you can read about all the reasoning below! Whatever the reason they were chosen, there are over 100 episodes that made the list, with more to come! This should keep you busy for a while, even if you only decide to go for Ben Feldman's many Superstore suggestions. 

There's also practically a whole catalogue of choices from One Chicago, and a whole bunch of options for your very own TGIT as well as a very satisfying Brooklyn Nine-Nine adventure. If you get bored, pick a show or actor at random and see what happens, whether you're already a fan or not! You might find something brand new to love, or maybe you'll remind yourself of an episode you completely forgot existed, or maybe you'll end up watching something you've already got memorized. 

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Or maybe you just want to scroll through and read short little essays from some of your favorite stars about why they love their own shows, which is fun too. Whatever you're in the mood for, you just might find it by scrolling below! 

(Note: The list is in alphabetical order by show!) 

Eliza Taylor - The 100

S3E16, "Perverse Instantiation Part 2" - "One of my favorite episodes to film and view was the finale of season 3. There was so much great stuff packed into it. I loved the contrast of The City of Light to the big battle in the throne room of Polis, and of course the return of Lexa."

Daniel Ezra - All American

S2E10, "Protect Ya Neck" and S2E11, "The Crossroads" - "I think we're at our best in every aspect of storytelling in these back to back episodes. They're full of tragedy and joy in equal measure and provide a poignant snapshot of Young, Black Los Angeles." 

Bre-Z - All American

S2E14, "Who Shot Ya" - "I think it was one of our best episodes directed by Nihkil! The relationship between Coop & Spencer was really tested. Coop was able to see who was in her Corner in such a scary time." 

Dan Bucatinsky - The Baker and the Beauty

S1E1, "Pilot" - "The pilot of The Baker and the Beauty was so fun to shoot and—because it was a pilot and we did a few reshoots—was shot in Atlanta and Miami AND San Juan, Puerto Rico—all for Miami.  It takes place in one night as was the original Israelí version and those are among my favorite to shoot and to watch!"

S1E4 of The Baker and the Beauty has the worlds of the show collide as Noa comes to the Garcia home for dinner.  Everyone's secrets are revealed - even my character, Lewis' secrets as he finally musters the courage to go on a date again!  Lewis used to be a model!  How much did I love having those words come out of my mouth?" (Airing soon on ABC) 

Scandal, S2E7, "Defiance" - "James goes rogue and travels to Ohio to investigate the voting rigging scandal.  It was extremely fun to shoot this mini investigative procedural show in the middle of a drama-filled episode.  James drives the inquiry and that was the first time I got to do that on any show." 

Scandal, S2E10, "One For the Dog" - "A feel good episode for my character even among all the twists and turns of Scandal. For my character James to get to hold his baby—and for me ... to get to go in there and hold that baby and remind me of when my daughter was put in my arms the first time. Very special for me." (Available on Netflix)

25 Words or Less - "Any episode that we Executive Producers are playing—Lisa Kudrow, Mary McCormack or myself.  It felt surreal to remember playing together in our living rooms.  And then to be playing on TV with Meredith Vieira.  Felt so good.  And surreal!"

Steve Guttenberg - Ballers

Ballers, S3 - "Dwayne Johnson and his company created ‘Ballers', a smart and hubris filled view of professional sports and the people that works in the industry. I was given the opportunity to be the villain against Dwayne, and it was a blast. The villain has since Greek drama has been the mirror or the hero. The meaner the villain, the more the hero succeeds. The true definition of supporting. You support the hero. The first three episodes of eight I participated in were quite satisfying. Dwayne, Rob Cordry , and cast were a delight to act with. Playing villain to the most popular actor in the world was an opportunity I delighted in." 

Camrus Johnson - Batwoman

S1E16, "Through the Looking-Glass"

Episode 16 for sure. I love playing my character Luke Fox's distressed and panicked side from the batcave any day. But in Episode 16 we see time slow down for him as he leaves the batcave and confronts who he suspects to be his father's killer while literally crying outside in the rain. The episode is absolutely heartbreaking and the 2 main plot twists are impressively written."

Watch on CWTV.com

Meagan Tandy - Batwoman

S1E14, "Grinning From Ear to Ear"

"This is the first time everyone gets to see the real Sophie Moore. She not only begins a 'secret' relationship with Batwoman, but she tells her mother the truth about who she really is and her response is one that effects Sophie for many episodes to come." 

Rachel Skarsten - Batwoman

S1E12, "Take Your Choice" - "I loved this episode because I was afraid to do it and I love being given challenges as an actor, doing things that scare me. I've never played two characters at once, let alone in a scene together. It was such a cool experience and I'm proud of how it turned out." 

S1E15, "Off With Her Head" - "This episode was particularly challenging for me emotionally but I loved the opportunity it gave me to get people on Alice's side, to understand who she is and why she does what she does from a very human perspective. Also crying for 18 hours a day was cathartic haha"

China Anne McClain - Black Lightning

S3E9 - "My favorite episode to shoot was 'The Book of Resistance: Chapter Four: Earth Crisis.' It's my favorite because this episode contained the most action for my character since the start of the show, and I LOVE doing fight sequences."

Nafessa Williams - Black Lightning

S3E12, "The Book of Markovia: Chapter 3" - "Episode 12 in Season 3 [of Black Lightning] is my favorite. I love the girl on girl fight between Grace and Thunder. It's sexy and fun to watch. Definitely one I would recommend for a rewatch."

Black Lightning aired on The CW and streams on Netflix.

Dan Goor (EP) - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

S5E4, "HalloVeen" - "The season 5 heist, because it has all the fun of a heist episode and plenty of tender Jake-Amy moments." 

S1E16, "The Party" - "Because I love seeing the crew all together on an adventure and I could watch Gina talk about herself to a bunch of shrinks for-literally-ever." 

(Available on Hulu and NBC) 

Stephanie Beatriz - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

S6E8, "He Said, She Said" - "Written by Lang Fisher and directed by myself. This episode is some of my favorite joke writing by our writers ever, combined with incredibly nuanced and honest performances by Andy Samberg and Melissa Fumero as Jake and Amy investigate a sexual harassment case. It was a joy to direct." 

S7E9, "Dillman" - "Written by Paul Welsh and Madeline Walter and directed by Kyra Sedgwick. This episode was an absolute joy to shoot, lots of group hijinks and an incredible guest appearance by JK Simmons. I got to shoot a whole scene with him in the interrogation room, just the two of us. I was on cloud nine."

Terry Crews - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

S1E16, "The Party" - "This was truly the first time we were able to discover our dynamic as a group outside of work. And now with social distancing being a reality now, it was so funny how Terry had to spend the whole time making sure the 99 wasn't inappropriate our first time at Captain Holt's house. My favorite lines are when Charles thinks Holt's house will be "Beauty and The Beast fancy" and Jake realizes that I'm "Hitchcocking" him. It's like imagining if the 99 came to YOUR house during your quarantine!" 

Derek Haas (EP) - Chicago Fire

S5, E8, "One Hundred" 

"For me, episode 100, which is titled "One Hundred," is one of my favorites.  We couldn't believe after our humble beginnings, that we had made it to 100, and Herrmann gives a speech in the episode that we wanted to say to our cast, and crew, and viewers.  Plus it has a wedding between two characters that had been set up 99 episodes before.  

S1, E7, "Two Families" 

Another favorite is season one's seventh episode titled "Two Families."  It was early on in the run, and it was the first time we hit the theme that defines the show:  you have two families, one outside the firehouse with your loved ones, and then this second one comprised of the firefighters you work with every shift. We go back to that sentiment in almost every episode."

Episodes can be purchased on iTunes or YouTube 

Joe Minoso - Chicago Fire

S3,  E8, "Chopper" 

"My favorite episode would absolutely have to be the Zumba episode. It is really kind of out in left field for our show and I thought a huge comedic pay off. It was especially fun for me to watch all my friends and fellow cast mates try and blindly do the moves I've been working on for a month. It was a great time for all, except for maybe Christian Stolte." 

S2, E22, "Real Never Waits" 

"Second, would have to be Boden and Donna's wedding. It just felt like such a Chicago Fire wedding. At the firehouse, trucks in the background. And one of our crew members actually proposed to his now wife during the filming of that wedding."

Miranda Ray Mayo - Chicago Fire

"Ok this was hard because and I went back and forth on a couple different options, but here's my official list. We're going back to seasons 1, 4 and 7." 

S1, E1, baby. 

Back where it all began! I picked this episode because, number one, it's one of the best pilot episodes I've ever seen. Number two, everyone looks like they're 15. It's amazing. Plus, you gotta know where you came from before you can know where you're going, so watch where this amazing show came from and celebrate the OG crew that started it all. 

S4, E19, "I Will Be Walking"

Hands down, this is probably my favorite episode I've been in. There's such a great balance of comedy and drama, plus, we had a blast while filming. Kidd and Herrmann compete in "the bar olympics", firehouse 51 comes together to protect a teen about to graduate high school, it's a must watch. 

S7, E14, "It Wasn't About Hockey"

"It's about the bad ass women on this show! Brett, Foster and Kidd kick ass and save a high school hockey team. There are also great moments with the guys back at the house. I love this episode. One minute I'm on the edge of my seat and the next the guys are cracking me up. It's great. You're gonna love it."

Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider (EP) - Chicago Med

S2, E6, "Alternative Medicine"

"We like this episode because it shows how our doctors are profoundly affected by their cases—an ongoing theme in our series.  Natalie is devastated by the loss of a young cancer patient, but finds hope in another young patient—a brilliant girl who's turned the family garage into a DIY laboratory.  The episode also shows how our doctors all stand on the shoulders of those who taught them—Connor with Dr. Latham, and Will with his retired mentor, a woman who taught him the power of human touch."

S5, E17, "Ghosts of the Past"  

"Our 100th episode. This one is close to our hearts, first because of the milestone it represents, but also because it gives emotional payoff to stories we've been developing throughout the season and before.  Ethan and April's relationship takes a major turn, as does Will's relationship with Hannah Asher.  Dr. Charles' loss of his wife CeCe finds a final resolution in his relationship with his youngest daughter; and Maggie's year-long battle with cancer culminates in her joyous wedding."

Episodes can be purchased on iTunes or YouTube. 

Marlyne Barrett - Chicago Med

S5, E5 – "Got a Friend in Me"

"This episode was the moment for me where art transcended entertainment and touched true life. I understood why those struggling with cancer are called survivors!"

Nick Gehlfuss - Chicago Med

S4, E9, "Death Do Us Part"

"This was our fall finale that year and it was my favorite episode to film. Will didn't step foot into the hospital which made it a unique experience. He is supposed to get married but is taken hostage in a boat yard. There is a drill, a skull, and the mob...need I say more? To best appreciate the stakes in this episode, watch from the beginning of Season 4." 

S2, E20 "Generation Gap"

"Has an important storyline involving Will and his father. Given their difficult relationship, they come to an understanding." 

Jesse Lee Soffer - Chicago PD

"Ok so first and foremost I'd have new viewers (and veteran viewers for that matter) go watch S1, E1. You gotta see where it all started! And for the veteran viewers 101 would be fun to go rewatch to see how far the show has come and to see how much the characters have changed. 

S1, E15 is a fun watch, you get to see the end of the first season and the first cliffhanger. 

Next I'd jump ahead to S5,  E1.  Directed by one of our executive producers, Eriq La Salle. Really strong episode that deals with tough subject matter of an accidental shooting. 

Then I'd say go watch S5, E18, "Ghosts," really strong Upton episode where we get to know her character more. 

Next let's jump ahead to season 6! Start with S6, E2, "Endings." It wraps up an emotional crossover involving Halstead's dad. Then go to S6, E13, "Night In Chicago." I love this episode where Atwater has to confront some of the darkest issues surrounding police work.

Next I'd say go watch the entire Infection crossover that starts with Fire and Med and culminates with episode S7, E4 of PD. Only OneChicago can do a crossover like this ;)  

Next on my list is S7, E6 where Halstead has to live with some heavy choices he made. Then S7, E13, "I Was Here," is a gut wrenching episode for Burgess. Love the episodes that carry over into the characters personal lives. 

Then finally I'd say watch "Silence of the Night" which is the follow up to Atwater's Night in Chicago episode. (Editor's note: This episode aired Wednesday, 4/15.)

Gavin Leatherwood - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

S3E4, "The Hare Moon" - "Go watch my favorite episode of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, "The Hare Moon". This one was a particularly dramatic episode, but in my opinion, it was the most fun to film. Being out in the woods with a bunch of cool-looking pagans and with the musical number of Purple Summer and the infamous scene where Nick tells Sabrina she wasn't worth it. This one is jam-packed with juicy bits." 

Herizen Guardiola - Dare Me

S1E5, "Parallel Trenches" - "Episode 5 is definitely my favorite! It's an interesting one because we see the same day through each character's perspective (Addy, Beth, and Coach). Throughout the episode we get to be a part of their personal experiences, how they truly see things, and how different everyone's reality really is." 

S1E10, "Shock & Awe" - "Be sure to tune into Episode 10 (my 2nd favorite episode) for that cliffhanging nail biting finale. Plus my most recent single "Troublemaker!" See if you can catch where it plays! Thank you hope you guys love DARE ME!"

Candice Patton - The Flash

S4E16, "Run Iris Run" - "It's a fun freaky Friday scenario where Barry Allen's powers are transmitted to Iris. Was fun to play and fun role reversal for the audience." 

Juan Pablo Di Pace - Fuller House

Fuller House, S2E4, "The Curse of Tanner Manor" - "Filming this was magical, for the writers to think Kimmy Gibbler and Fernando would dress as Lucy and Ricky was such a treat for us. Even though we had already filmed one full season, I feel like on that episode Andrea Barber and I truly cemented our crazy chemistry. It is also a show filled with buffoonery, singing and dancing! Perfect show to enter the world of Fuller House."

A.D.The Bible Continues, S1E1, "The Tomb Is Open" - "Perhaps the proudest moment of my career, playing Jesus on the cross, feeling completely overwhelmed by the task and yet happy to make him as human as possible. I'd had my own 40 nights in the desert... well, 2 nights in the Sahara... to contemplate the stars and pray not to make a fool of myself. My own mother flew to the shoot and was there, watching his son get crucified, as Greta Schacchi, the actress playing mother Mary, was a few feet away from her."

Dallas, S3E1, "The Return" - "My first ever job in America. I had worked abroad for 15 years but never in the US as a permanent resident. First scene out of the gate, my character Nicolas Treviño has to berate the whole Ewing clan and mock them all in a conference room... and there they all were, these iconic actors, looking at a South American new guy who was pooping his pants but had to behave like the king of the castle... I'll never forget, as a show of appreciation for my nerves, they all started clapping as the dude got shouted "cut!". Now THAT'S love :)"

Wendi McLendon Covey - The Goldbergs

S1E6, "Who Are You Going to Telephone?" 

"My Character Beverly Goldberg goes undercover to a high school Halloween house party dressed as a ghost to help her unsuspecting son have a conversation with a girl he likes. The results were cringeworthy, which is my favorite thing to play!" 

S2E1, "Love Is a Mixtape" 

"Beverly thinks her youngest son Adam has made her a mixed tape, but it's actually for his girlfriend Dana. Adam finds himself stuck between an angry mom and an angry girlfriend, each one demanding to know which one 'You're the Inspiration' was dedicated to. Bev makes the whole thing better by commandeering a laser show at the laserium." 

S5E19, "Flashy Little Flashdancer"

"After everything Beverly has done for her family, they all act like jerks when she invites them to her dance recital at the JCC."

Jake Borelli - Grey's Anatomy

S2E6, "Into You Like a Train" - "This is my favorite Grey's Anatomy episode. It remains a Grey's classic with a huge train crash, an intense patient storyline that is heartwarming, terrifying, brutally sad, and surprisingly hilarious. Also, it puts our doctors in the incredibly difficult position of having to decide which two patients to save as they are literally skewered together with one of the train's shattered support poles. What makes the episode even better is that it was written in Season 2 by our amazing current Showrunner Krista Vernoff. She received her first Emmy nomination for writing this episode." 

S15E8, "Blowin' In the Wind" - "This episode remains the closest to my heart. In the midst of a massive wind storm taking over Seattle, we follow my character Dr. Levi Schmitt as he rescues the man of his dreams and works up the courage to fully come out of the closet. We get a classic Grey's monologue where Levi bares his heart and shows us how coming into his own, despite it being terrifying, is not about shame to him, but about pride, love and hope. This episode marks the historic beginning of Grey's Anatomy's first gay male relationship between doctors, and also gives us its first steamy gay sex scene. It just so happens to go down in an ambulance! Fitting. Written by Meg Marinis and Directed by Kevin McKidd." 

S14E7, "Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story" - "This episode is a perfect marriage between classic Grey's and the current Grey's we all love. It was written as a love letter to our longtime fans and marked our 300th episode! It follows all of our doctors, from the new class of interns to the original interns who are now running the hospital, as they treat a group of patients after a roller coaster accident. The kicker is, the patients happen to look exactly like OG characters George, Izzy, and Cristina. This episode is fun, nostalgic, and takes us on a wonderful ride through all the Grey-Sloan stories we've loved over the past 16 years. Written by Krista Vernoff and Directed by Debbie Allen." 

Amirah Vann - How to Get Away with Murder

S4E3 because it was my first episode with my new HTGAWM family. This episode was so much fun! I was beyond grateful to work with the extraordinary cast who are now beloved friends. Aja and I had most of our scenes together and she was so welcoming and supportive. I will always be grateful to my sis for that. And Tegan Price oh how I love her. Honestly though, she's powerful, fun, brilliant, sensitive, sexy with an extraordinary wardrobe. My karma must be great!" 

S5E6 when Oliver tells his mother that he is HIV positive. This scene blew me away with its exceptional acting, representation, and story line. It is why the show grabbed my heart in the first place. Huge thank you to Pete Nowalk, casting directors Linda Lowy & John Brace, and ABC for acting on the importance of representation. It matters so very much and delivers innovation, authenticity and truth. And truth reaching humans all over our world educates, heals, and births familiarity which, in this case, breeds love. Bravo!" 

S6E5 we finally let the world into Tegan's heart. At that point, I had built a beautiful relationship with our cast, creators, crew and our amazing fans. To be able to peel away the powerful exterior to reveal a more vulnerable side was great. It was an extraordinary opportunity to play Tegan Price and I am eternally grateful. After filming the scene where I break down, Bill, a member of our crew, reached down to help me stand up with a warm affirming smile. We are family. I will miss everyone deeply." 

Available on Netflix, Hulu, and ABC

Jonny Beauchamp - Katy Keene

S1E6, "Mama Said" - "I'd love to rewatch Chapter 6 'Mama Said.' It reminded me of my Mom and her always being so supportive in my dreams. And I mean..SHANGELA!!! ����" 

Currently airing on The CW.

Julia Chan - Katy Keene

S1E7, "Kiss of the Spider-Woman" - "I'm so utterly fond of this show it's hard to pick just one, but I vote for episode 7, "Kiss of the Spider-Woman," which is our musical episode. It was such a gratifying challenge to make this because of all the rehearsal and recording we had to do for the musical numbers. I love that it brings this epic, somewhat lesser known musical to the fore. The episode also has some darkness to it, too, which I welcome!" 

Bernadette Peters - Katy Keene and Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist

Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist, S1 - "Zoey's Extraordinary Play List on NBC-TV is an amazing show. Jane Levy who plays Zoey is a young and wonderfully talented actress. Zoey hears people's thoughts but they come out in songs. Songs she doesn't even know, so she explains them to her friend Mo who knows the songs. Mo deciphers what they might mean and why Zooey is hearing them. It's a very original and also a very touching show and I look forward to Sunday nights when I can get to watch it. I appear in an upcoming episode and very proud to be on the show." (NBC)

Katy Keene, S1E3 and S1E8 - "I also appear on Katy Keene on the CW Network. It's based on Katy Keene the Fashion Queen Comic Books—that I actually remember reading as a young girl riding on the subway going home to Queens from Manhattan. The show has a fabulous look and lots of young wonderful talent who also sing." (The CW)

"I'm also looking forward to the new season of Ricky Gervais .....After Life on Netflix. I loved last season. It's funny and it goes far but also very touching. You can now watch season 1 until the new season begins. Happy Watching. Oh and don't forget about Killing Eve."   

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Lily Cowles - Roswell, New Mexico

S1E6, "Smells Like Teen Spirit" - "I always love episode 6 of season one. I mean who doesn't love a flashback? Alex Manes in eyeliner and Bad Izzy's bangs, just to die for. Ah, high school. So nostalgic, so cringeworthy." 

You can catch up on Netflix and CWTV.com. 

Jeanine Mason - Roswell, New Mexico

S1E4, "Where Have All the Cowboys Gone" - "It's all the things I love about our show. The stakes of our sci-fi/supernatural elements are so closely intertwined to obstacles that are simply human. That final scene in the diner where Liz and Max are negotiating how to meet each other in the middle of all that complication is my favorite scene of Season 1. Directed by Lance Anderson, written by Sabir Pirzada & Christopher Hollier."

Michael Vlamis - Roswell, New Mexico

S1E6, "Smells Like Teen Spirit" - "This is a special episode because it's a flashback to 10 years earlier, which gives viewers a look into why our characters ended up the way they are. It's got love, action, and me making out with someone while a Bright Eyes song plays. What's not to love?"

S1E12, "Creep" - "In my opinion, I did my best work in this episode. Michael Guerin has been looking for his family his entire life. SPOILER... In this episode, he finds his mom. Just watch it."

S2E5, "I'll Stand By You" - "Now, I haven't even seen this episode yet, but it's my character's episode. Through flashbacks, we are able to see even deeper into my character. There's also a MALEX scene the fans will enjoy." (This episode just aired 4/13.) 

AJ Michalka - Schooled

S1E2, "Lainey's All That" - "This episode was the first one to introduce Brett Dier's role, CB! It holds a special place in my heart. It's also our "makeover" episode which I very much enjoy."

S1E8, "Lainey & Erica's High School Reunion" - "In this particular episode, not only do we reference my favorite 90's film but I got my gals back from the 80's! Shoutout to Allie Grant, Alex Jennings and Hayley Orrantia!"

S2E13 "Titanic Love" - In this episode, Lainey finally realizes CB has a crush on her. It's a pinnacle moment in the arc of the season and will unfold a very promising storyline. 

Lolly Adefope - Shrill

S2E2, "Kevin" and S2E4, "Freak" - "Obviously you should watch ALL the episodes, but my favourites are episode 2 for Peter Smith's incredible rendition of God Only Knows, and episode 4 for my rendition of Shallow. The choice is yours!"

Barrett Doss - Station 19

S1E10, "Not Your Hero" - "Classic Station 19. This episode has all the things I love about our show: a ton of action, humor, and an AMAZING cliffhanger ending. I remember watching it when it aired with Danielle and Alberto, not long after we found out we were getting a season 2, and crying as it ended. It was an incredible way to end our first season, and you will NEED to start Season 2 as soon as it's over." 

S2E15, "Always Ready" - "For me- the most emotionally intense episode of the show so far. It also includes my favorite moment I've shared onscreen with my cast: lying wordlessly on top of the engine together. It took a long time to shoot, but I've never felt closer to them. 10/10 will cry."

S3E10, "Something Happens When We Talk" - "During this insanely unpredictable time, we all need to feel whatever we are feeling and hear someone say it's okay to feel it. It's okay to laugh and cry and zone out and get angry. It's painful and confusing, but it's a great time to explore therapy! Additionally, we must remember that our medical professionals and first responders are human beings with inner, emotional lives, as well as the lives they risk for us. We need to support them in whatever way we can."

Jason George - Station 19

S1E5, "Shock to the system" - "This early episode showed how different the various situations can be that first responders deal with—from pregnant women dropping into the station for help to cars surrounded by deadly electric livewires. Then the episode pulls the whole thing together to give you all those damn feels. All new shows—even spin-offs of successful shows—usually take a while to find their own authentic voice. That early episode was one of the moments when I first thought, "There it is. This is our show." 

S2E15, "Always Ready" - "In this episode, Station 19 earned a time tested Shondaland stripe by losing a major character. The death of fan favorite Chief Ripley is a tear jerker and the performances by Barrett Doss and Brett Tucker are off the chain. This one will stick in your memory for a while." 

S3E2, "Indoor Fireworks" - Helped both Grey's Anatomy and Station 19 fans understand what drives Ben Warren and why he's switched jobs so many times. And it's the beginning of the whole Physician Response Team story arc that is now letting us bring over a bunch of my friends from Grey's Anatomy like Jesse Williams, Kevin McKidd, Kelly McCreary and Kim Raver." 

S3E10, "Something About What Happens When We Talk" - "This is a recent episode and I love that it shakes up the usual format of the show. I also love that my friend, Tracie Thoms, guest stars as a very unorthodox therapist that pulls deep-seeded emotions out of the crew. Some great performances by the whole cast."

Danielle Savre - Station 19

S3E5, "Into The Woods" - "At the request of the newly appointed Captain Maya Bishop (that's me) Station 19 goes on a camping trip as a bonding exercise. Or just another way for her to torture them. In this episode I got the opportunity to play the 15 year old version of my character. Dying my hair brown, adding zits, wearing a compression bra to minimize any curves, bringing back some 90's flair and adding in some braces for extra measure. Those were just the physical elements executed by the shows brilliant hair, makeup and wardrobe departments. Then came the exciting and scary part of having to mentally and emotionally transform into a 15 year old. From mannerisms to a different tone of voice. It was an absolute gift getting the opportunity to take on this challenge and I am so proud of it.The episode was no easy feat and only made possible by the show's amazing crew who faced tough conditions with a lot of moving parts. The episode is full of excitement, teenage awkwardness, humor and so much heart. Oh, and a CGI bear. You've been warned." 

S3E7, "Satellite of Love" - "A tension filled, action packed episode that will take you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Firefighters are teamed up that have unresolved issues, it's Maya's first time on a major call as captain, there is a gas station fire and an unexplained explosion. While back at the station absurdity ensues. You will have to remind yourself to breath while watching this one."

S3E10, "Something About What Happens When We Talk" - "This is a simple yet beautifully insightful episode that provides unfiltered access into the firefighters of Station 19. Following the death of a fellow firefighter the team is required to be mentally assessed. Some stories will have you laughing, others crying and a few with more questions than before. Trust me, its a therapy session that you will enjoy being a part of."

Ben Feldman - Superstore

S1E9, "All Nighter" - "This is a fan fav but its also unanimously was one of the cast's favorites to do and to shoot. We're stuck in the store all night and get super drunk (still not convinced America wasn't *actually* drunk shooting it)." 

S2E22, "Tornado" - "We don't mess around with season finales. This one involves a natural disaster (ill leave it to you sleuths to guess what kind) but also two characters finally kiss which I guess makes this an important episode." 

S3E5, "Sal's Dead" - "Our Halloween episodes are consistently bananas but this one cold opens on a dead guy stuck in a wall so I'm choosing it over the others."

S2E14, "Valentine's Day" -  "One of my all time favorite storylines was in season 2 about a lonely character who created a fake romance with another character who was actually dating a different character and this is most ridiculous episode from that storyline. Also I go undercover to catch a thief. 

S2E13, "Ladies Lunch" - "Another cast favorite. The women on this show are insanely funny and smart and different and weird and ridiculous. This episode highlights that, while mostly cutting the fat (the boys). Also a chance to see the late, GREAT Linda Porter do what she did best on our show (be offensively off-putting) and we introduce one of my favorite guest characters, Jerry." 


Ben Feldman - Superstore (Continued)

S4E6, "Maternity Leave" - "Amy has to come back to work like 2 seconds after having a baby because she doesn't have maternity leave and its a disaster. Curious why America is a huge star? She has a breakdown in this episode that is a masterclass in stupid hilarity and genuine emotional diarrhea." 

S5E15, "Cereal Bar" - "It's about suspicions of corporate ulterior motives but it's also got this super funny/creepy romance between one of the more eccentric characters and a criminal."

S2E4, "Guns, Pills & Birds" - "One of my favorite "me" episodes, but its also about gun rights and contraceptives, perfect guest cast and an all around great/emblematic Superstore episode." 

S2E21, "Cheyanne's Wedding" - "Another perfect Superstore episode with high stake work issues, adorable romcomy vibes, dancing, real heartache, rap, formal attire and the most ridiculous and legendary returning character on the show, Bo." 

S3E13, "Video Game Release" & S3E20, "Gender Reveal" - "I told America Ferrera and Lauren Ash that I'd include these episodes as they (respectively) directed and wrote them And I'm scared of both of them. But also they belong on quintessential Superstore best of lists anyway. VGR is my favorite of the eps AF directed and its filled with weirdo cosplaying gamers and America and I go on an adventure in a tunnel! It's a really smart and well done episode. Gender Reveal is all babies all day and its insanely funny but it also ends with a crazy emotional moment and a major announcement."

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