These Scents Will Help Lighten Your Mood (And Smell Good, Too)

Whether you need a little lift or something that'll take you away like Calgon, these scented goodies will do the trick.

By Carly Milne Apr 17, 2020 2:00 PMTags
Ecomm: These Scents Will Help Lighten Your Mood

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They say that scent is powerful enough to transform your mood, transport your mind, and invoke memories of times gone by. And who couldn't use a little of that these days?

We know we sure do, so we went on the hunt for some mood-lifting, mind-altering, all-around good scents. We found perfumes and candles, incence and bath bombs, pillows and sprays, and pretty much anything else you can think of to help us breathe deep, release some tension, and maybe even put a smile on our faces.

So if you and your mood could use a little boost, too, shop our picks below!

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This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

We love this pillow spray, because it really does do what it says it's going to do! It's made with what the brand calls an "aromatherapeutic Superblend of lavender, vetivert and chamomile," each of which is known for soothing and calming anxiety and an overactive mind. And shouldn't you be in a good mood as you drift off to sleep?

Climarest Sleep Infusion Aromatherapy Pillow

But if you need something a little more, shall we say, industrial strength to help boost your mood, may we recommend this pillow? Yes, a whole pillow for your entire head, not just your eyes... and it's infused with soothing and mood-boosting lavender. Bonus: it'll make for a good cuddling pillow when watching something scary.

The Harmonist Moon Glory Parfum

When you want to transport yourself but can't, let this intoxicating scent do it for you. The Harmonist crafts wholly unique scents based on the elements, using ethically-sourced ingredients and packaging that's 90% recyclable. Inspired by the in-between moment after the sun has set but before night falls, this stunning perfume features a delectable blend of Hawaiian jasmine, Queen of the Night flower and passionflower, with notes of lychee, organic honey and ylang ylang. You'll feel like you're on an island.

Canopy Candle

Otherland candles are a great way to add ambience and aromatherapy in one fell swoop, improving the mood of anyone who walks in the room. This one is reminiscent of a warm June day, with a blend of California fig, ivy greens and summer dew to make you think of warmer days... and put a smile on your face.

Catherine Rising Palo Santo Bundle

If your mood-boosting efforts need a little more oomph, maybe you need the help that comes from palo santo, known to banish negative energy... and smell amazing while doing so. This bundle features the holy wood paired with rosemary for an intimate and earthy scent that'll help push out the jive and bring in the love.

Highborn Défumé Palo Santo & Sandalwood Luxury CBD Body Oil

But if you don't feel comfortable burning a little piece of wood and waving it around in the air, go for this body oil instead. The palo santo is still there to help banish those bad vibes, but this time it's backed with sandalwood to deepen that earthy groundedness. Plus, it softens your skin, and this blend is free of sulfates, phthalates, parabens, petrochemicals, mineral oil, silicone, talc, animal-derived ingredients, synthetic dyes and synthetic fragrances.

Elemis Quiet Mind Temple Balm

But what if you don't want to douse your home, your goods or yourself in scent, and you still want to lighten your mood? Try this temple balm. It features a blend of oils including earthy patchouli, invigorating eucalyptus, intense Ho Wood, bright and fresh lemon peel, and more. Just rub a little into your temples and even down the back of your neck, and breathe deep... ahhhhhh...

Bodha Smokeless Incence

But going back to the home scents approach for a moment, there's another way you can bring a different mood to your home without candles or palo santo burning. Try these smokeless incense sticks, which come in three "flavors": Refresh, featuring petitgrain, violet leaf, and frankincense to energize and invigorate; Ground, with notes of hinoki, cedar, and frankincense to inspire grounding and focus; and our favorite, Calm, offering notes of lavender, clary sage, and rosewood to encourage inner quiet.

Vitruvi Essential Oil Blend

If you have a diffuser at home, these essential oil blends will be a godsend. They come in four distinct scents, with Boost offering a revitalizing citrus, lavender-infused Dusk for a restful sleep, Pacific to help you reminisce about salty air and beach bonfires, and Quiet, a floral scent that recharges a tired mind. Don't have a diffuser? Rub between your palms and inhale before meditation, or use some in a steamy shower.

Ouai Chill Pills Bath Bombs

Baths are essential for shifting one's mood, but if you really want to take it next level, these bath bombs are a must. Each one is infused with jasmine for an uplifting experience, while oils of hemp, jojoba and safflower soften your skin. They're also vegan, cruelty free, paraben free, sulfate free, phthalate free, silicone free and gluten free.

The Honest Company Ultra Calming Bubble Bath

But if you want to take your bath in a more classic direction, how about some bubbles? We love this bubble bath from Jessica Alba's Honest Company, because not only is it plant-based and free of junk ingredients, but it's also organic, moisturizing, tear-free and made for the whole family to enjoy. And who could say no to a scent like "Calming Lavender?" That sounds like a good mood in a bottle to us.

The Harmonist Velvet Fire Candle

The Harmonist doesn't just make intoxicating perfumes, they also make candles of the same scents you can spray on your pulse points. This candle starts out innocently enough, with top notes of lavender, clary sage and coriander harvested from the South of France. But then it takes a deeper, more intimate turn with saffron, cypress and tobacco leaves, and rounds out with musk, oud and tonka bean. Let's just say this one will take you on a mood journey you won't forget.


Jane Inc. Lavender Eye Pillow

Still, you can't write off a classic like an eye pillow... after all, they've become self-care staples for a reason. This one is infused with calming, nurturing and soothing lavender mixed with flax seed to give it a nice weight when it's resting on your tired eyes. Plus, it's wrapped in silk, which will feel amazing against your skin. How could your mood not be lifted?

Sonoma Lavender Solid Silver Footies

If you've got something for your eyes that will help elevate your mood, why not something for your feet? These spa-like slippers have inserts that hold a mix of lavender and flax seeds, and they can be heated or cooled, depending on your druthers. Better yet, slather on some lavender lotion and wear the booties to help it soak in.

Sonoma Lavender Solid Silver Blankie

At this point, you might as well go all in and encase yourself in as much lavender as you can manage. This blanket will help you do exactly that, as it also offers lavender and flax seed inserts that can be heated or cooled depending on your needs. But even better, this blanket is comfy cozy... so you get the mood benefits of scent mixed with the mood benefits of being wrapped in something comfy cozy.

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