Married at First Sight's Jamie Otis Gives Birth to Baby No. 2

Married at First Sight stars Jamie Otis and Dough Hehner welcomed their second child together. Find out what the couple named their little bundle of joy here.

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And a baby makes four!

On Wednesday, May 13, Jamie Otis and her husband Dough Hehner welcomed their second child. E! News confirms Hayes Douglas Hehner was born at 3:37 p.m. and weighed 9 lbs., 4 oz. 

Excited to announce that their little bundle of joy had arrived, the Married at First Sight couple, who are already parents to daughter Henley Grace, 2, told People all about their baby boy. 

"He's so perfect. He looks just like his big sister Gracie," they shared in a statement. "We're in this together. You and me, baby Hayes!"

Jamie and Dough revealed that they were expecting a son in November with an adorable gender reveal video. Stepping up as big sister, Henley was given pink and blue colored eggs to smash on her dad's forehead. After making her way through almost all of the eggs, Jamie took over and cracked the final egg, which was filled with blue ooze. 

Before conceiving little Hayes, Jamie had suffered two miscarriages in the past and was candid with fans about her and Dough's struggles to have baby No. 2. But once she found out she was pregnant again, she couldn't wait to share the good news.

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"We went to the fertility specialist and found out WE ARE PREGNANT!!!" Jamie wrote on Instagram in September. "I cannot even believe it!...after 18 long, painful months, two losses and negative after negative on the pregnancy tests we are *finally* pregnant again! Of course I am being cautiously optimistic, but I have a feeling this little one is going to stick."

In addition to sharing pictures of her ultrasound, Jamie also took a moment to give those struggling to conceive some words of encouragement.


"And before I end this looong caption, I just want to say this: if you're reading this & are currently in the process of #ttc - oh mama, my heart hurts for you," she continued. "I know the instant internal pain that comes from another's pregnancy announcement - even if you are or at least want to be - happy for the lucky couple. I just want you to know that your rainbow will come too. The storm cant stay forever. Hold onto hope! I am thinking of you!" 

Throughout her pregnancy, Jamie gave fans updates on her growing belly on social media. Back in January, she posted a video to her Instagram Story showing off her bump while posing nude in her bathroom. "I just have to show you, last time I was in L.A., I had no bump and now I have a really, really big one and I absolutely love, love, love every second of it," Otis said, sighing. "The best."

See more of Jamie and Doug's journey on Married at First Sight: Couples' Cam premiering May 20 at 8 p.m. on Lifetime.