Inside Real Housewives Star Dorinda Medley's One-of-a-Kind Berkshires Manor

Dorinda Medley has opened the doors of her one-of-a-kind Berkshires estate after flooding spurred some renovations last year.

By Samantha Schnurr Apr 16, 2020 8:19 PMTags
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This home is such a staple of the Real Housewives of New York City, it deserves to hold up its own apple. 

We're talking about Dorina Medley's 11,000-square-foot Berkshires, Mass. estate known as Blue Stone Manor. With seven bedrooms and plenty of indoor space, it's been the unique scene of many now-iconic reality TV moments between Medley and her fellow Housewives over the years.

However, its history dates back much further than Medley's small screen debut. The estate was built in 1902 and was even a significant property in the reality star's life long before she owned it. Living in the area as a child, Medley and her father would drive past the house and the future celebrity would tell him her plans to one day own it. That dream ultimately came to fruition when Medley's late husband, Richard, gifted it to her as a present for their wedding. 

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Mick Hales and Annabel White

Having spruced it up once when they first owned it, the TV personality was tasked with a renovation again after flooding caused nearly $1 million of damage to her beloved home in 2019. 

Fortunately, Medley has made it past that painstaking period, of which fans caught a glimpse of in the newest episodes of the Bravo series.

She has since opened the doors to Architectural Digest to unveil some of the new additions to the refreshed property. 

Such changes include rewaxed paneling, a zebra rug and Japanese screen in the infamous dining room. 

Mick Hales and Annabel White

Though, while paint has been refreshed and accents added in some spots, the house's one-of-a-kind aesthetic is very much in tact.  

"I want people to walk through and have an opinion," Medley told AD

"‘What's that? Why is that? Where did that come from? Why do you have it? I love that color! I hate that color!'"

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