Feel Good Friday: 6 Uplifting Stories to Head Into the Weekend With

From a live-streamed wedding to a man's grand gesture to see his wife, here are six Feel Good stories to kick off your weekend

By Tierney Bricker Apr 17, 2020 7:00 PMTags
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Love will always find a way.

That seems to be the theme of this week's offering of Feel Good Friday stories, whether it's the love between a husband and wife, a grandmother and grandson, a teacher and their students or even a 93-year-old woman and beer. 

In one inspiring a story, a young couple decided pull off their "Plan J" when social distancing protocol put their wedding plans on hold, while another man took his love for his wife three stories high in a unique way. 

Plus, a Saturday Night Live star paid tribute to his beloved grandmother in an extraordinary kind way, helping out her fellow tenants in a time of uncertainty and need, and one FedEx driver went the extra mile to help out an at-risk family when delivering their packages.

These are the kind of stories of love we could all use a little more of right now, no?

Celebs Giving Back Throughout the Coronavirus Pandemic

Here are six stories to head into the weekend on a positive note with, should you need a little boost...

His Love Weighs a Ton

An 88-year-old man was so determined to see his wife in her nursing home that he went to extreme measures to make his way to her window, using a bucket truck just to see his spouse of 61 years.

Nick Avtges' lift was documented by family members on social media, which was approved by administrators at the nursing home ahead of the couple's third-story reunion.

 "We touched each other through the screen," he told WBTS of their moment together. "Our fingertips touched."

A Teacher and a Friend

Never doubt how much a teacher cares about their students, especially when you hear this story Florida resident Kelley Close shared on Facebook about her daughter Hannah and her teacher teacher, Katie Ricca.

"Hannah's class has a Zoom session each evening. Last night she got really sad and kinda shut down," Kelley shared in her Facebook caption. "Today her teacher came over and hung out for a bit. They chatted, read books, and just talked. This woman has FIVE kids at home and STILL she sat in my driveway for an hour to make sure Hannah was okay."

Live Love Conquers All

Makenzie Johnsen and Ross Bassett were determined to celebrate their love and did so with their full guest list thanks to an Instagram and Facebook live that captured their wedding as only a few of their immediate family members were able to physically attend the Huntsville, Utah nuptials. 

"This was 'Plan J,'" Johnsen exclusively told E! News. "No one dreams of a world pandemic when they imagine their wedding."

The couple ultimately chose to keep their April 11 wedding date, with Bassett explaining, "It's about the life you created and how you've moved from that moment. It really comes down to that...It's all about Ross and I making promises to each other."

Ale You Need Is a Beer or 150

When Olive Veronesi, a 93-year-old Pennsylvania resident, went viral after one of her relatives shared a photo of her holding up a sign at her window asking for more beer, the people at Coors were ready to answer her call. 

Olive received 150 cans of Coors Light this week, which was good because the beer aficionado was running low on her supply. 

"I was on my last 12 cans, I have a beer every night, you know what, beer has vitamins in it, it's good for you, as long as you don't overdo it," Olive told KDKA.

Reps from Coors dropped the cases off on Olive's front porch, and when she cracked open her first can, she said, "That tastes pretty good."

On Time and With Extra Care

Fedex driver Justin Bradshaw's gesture of disinfecting a package meant everything to Carrie and her family, especially her 11-year-old type 1 Diabetic daughter. "He was just doing an act of kindness because being kind is what this life is about," Carrie wrote.

In a follow-up Instagram post, she wrote, "He never expected anything for doing it; he was just showing the quality of person he is, even though no one was looking (or so he thought!); he was just doing a kindness because being kind is what this life is about."

A Grandson's Love

After sharing the heartbreaking news earlier this month that his grandmother had passed away due to complications from Coronavirus, Saturday Night Live star Michael Che has offered to pay one month's rent for 160 apartments in his late grandma's New York City Housing Authority building that she lived in. 

"It's crazy to me that residents of public housing are still expected to pay their rent when so many New Yorkers can't even work. Obviously I can't offer much help by myself," Che wrote of the gesture on Instagram. "I know that's just a drop in the bucket. So I really hope the city has a better plan for debt forgiveness for all the people in public housing, AT THE VERY LEAST."

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