YouTube Star Jaclyn Hill Fires Back at Body-Shaming Trolls in Fiery Instagram Post

YouTuber Jaclyn Hill fired back at body shamers with a fiery post on her Instagram, tell them to "go find yourself a life."

By emily belfiore Apr 13, 2020 6:38 PMTags

Jaclyn Hill isn't paying the haters any mind.

On Sunday, the famous YouTuber clapped back at trolls with an epic Instagram post after becoming subject to body shaming. Sitting on her bed while sporting a fiery red satin pajama set and enjoying a bite of a burger, the post's original caption read, "I miss the days when I chose to leave events early and isolate myself." 

Later, she updated her caption to address the negative comments she had been receiving and added, "Also, for all the people making comments about my weight & me eating a burger... go find yourself a life."

Providing more context, Jaclyn responded to a fan in the comments section, saying, "When I posted this photo, the first 30 minutes were TONS of comments about my weight. That's why I edited by caption. Now the love is overflowing the negative. Plus, I blocked and deleted a lot of people because it's not needed."

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After sharing her post, the Jaclyn Cosmetics beauty mogul's fellow influencers and bloggers shared empowering messages. Nabela Noor wrote, "BEAUTIFUL." Pointing out the stunning jewelry Jaclyn was wearing in the pictures, Helly Luv commented, "All I see is that BLING." Daniel Preda chimed in, writing, "Pass the fries sissy!!! I'll bring the face masks."

In the past, Jaclyn has been very candid about her struggles with cyber bullying and mental health. Addressing her followers 5.86 million YouTube subscribers, she detailed her battle with anxiety and depression in a video back in February.

"I just have to say right now, I see the tweets and the comments all the time," she told fans. "And if we're being totally transparent and honest with one another, yeah, filming gives me major anxiety now because I know that every single thing I do, people are, literally, going to go with a fine-toothed comb and a microscope and pick apart everything."

As she continued, Jaclyn revealed that she began self-medicating herself with alcohol to cope with her failed lipstick launch last year, which resulted in changes in her appearance. She added, "So, when people tell me, ‘You're fat. Your face is swollen. You need to stop getting fillers.' It triggers me in a way, like, ‘Oh, my God. I wouldn't look like this if I didn't make such poor decisions. I wouldn't look like this if I didn't hurt myself by self-medicating with alcohol.'"  

Concluding her video on a positive note, she urged her fans to be mindful of what they write in the comments section and encouraged them to spread positivity. "Those of you out there that have good thoughts, who see a picture and watch a YouTube video and think something positive, comment," she said. "Comment on anyone's video or picture or tweet that you like. Any positivity that you can bring into the world is so necessary. If you have anything nice to say, say it."