90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days Had Showers With Dad and a Disapproving Mom

Ed had some uncomfortable interactions with Rose's dad while Lisa wasn't welcomed by Usman's mom on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days.

By Chris Harnick Apr 13, 2020 1:35 PMTags

Baby Love Lisa finally made her trek to meet Usman's mom on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days…and it didn't go very well.

Ahead of their visit to Usman's family, Lisa bought a goat for Usman's mother, it's a sign of respect, and naturally Lisa was not keen on being at a goat farm.

Lisa was the first person Usman has brought home to meet his family. And once there, his family was shocked at Lisa's age. Some things were lost in translation, like the fact that Lisa is a hospice nurse and not a doctor saving lives like Usman told his family. When their conversation finally turned to marriage, Usman's mother and eldest sister said no to the proposed marriage. In fact, Usman's mom up and walked away from the conversation. Usman's mom said the age difference scared her.

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"Usman's mom has said no and at this point we can't get married. I am very frustrated…At this point our relationship could be over," Lisa said.

Geoffrey and Varya
While Varya showed Geoffrey around her home town, he finally pulled the trigger and told her about his criminal past. All this went down on the steps of her school. "I went to prison. For a while…For a couple of years, for selling drugs," he said. Varya was blindsided. She couldn't comprehend how he could do that. Her cousin died over a drug overdose. Had he been open about this from the start, Varya said she never would've spoken to him.

Varya was quick with the questions and asked if he's thought about the families his actions impacted. Do his kids know? He said yes to both. His kids visited him in prison. "It was a wakeup call for me," Geoffrey said.

Ed and Rosemarie
Ed did not have a good night. While visiting Rosemarie's family, Ed had to sleep on a wet mattress pad on the floor—without his high thread count sheets—while Rose's father stayed in the room next to them.

After seeing how Rose lives, Ed said he couldn't help but wonder who wouldn't want to come to America for a better life. Is that what Rose sees in him? Just a ticket out?

Sleeping and showering at Rose's home left Ed shook. So shook, he said he needed to go on a vacation and take Rose away from her family. But first he would need to get Rose's father's permission. They went to the pig farm where Rose's father lives and Ed slipped around the mud and pig poop before he got permission to whisk Rose away.

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Stephanie and Erika
The fight kept on going while these two drove to Erika's hometown. They sort of tackled the issues in the long car ride, but everything bubbled back up again. After meeting one of Erika's friends and putting on a happy face, Stephanie and Erika once again go into an argument and Erika left.

David and Lana
After experiencing a flat tire on his way to Lana's town, David made his way there and started his search. Since he has mailed her stuff before, he said he had her address, but just showing up there would probably scare her. So, he walked around the town hoping to run into her. He even went into a candy store she had mentioned and asked about her whereabouts. However, he couldn't find Lana. After returning to his hotel, David had a message online waiting for him. It was from Lana and she wanted to know if he still wanted to meet her, take photos together and begin the visa process. Of course he said he wants that, but he decided not to mention the fact that she stood him up.

Avery and Ash
Ash took Avery on a crocodile cruise in an effort to reignite their spark. He said he wants her to feel safer and secure in the relationship, but Avery said she doesn't feel like she's getting the real him. Avery is still gun-ho about meeting Ash's son and ex-wife and really begin the steps to take their relationship to the next level.

Darcey and Tom
After Darcey walked out of the meeting—this was after Tom asked if she put on weight while revealing he met someone else—Tom called his sister Emma and recounted the conversation…leaving out the whole insult thing. Meanwhile, Darcey was back at her hotel and upset. "I truly loved him, and I gave him my heart. All I ever wanted was to be loved," Darcey said. She thought he was the one, but it turned out he was just another Jesse in disguise.

"I feel used. He played me for a fool," Darcey said.

So, she blocked him on WhatsApp.

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