Colton Underwood Looks Unrecognizable After Cassie Randolph Cuts His Hair

See the shocking haircut Cassie Randolph gave Colton Underwood!

By Pamela Avila Apr 11, 2020 8:25 PMTags

For a second, we thought it was still April Fool's Day. 

What was meant to be a quick trim for Colton Underwood's hair, turned out to be quite a transformative look. 

On Friday, the former Bachelor star took to Instagram to share that he let girlfriend Cassie Randolph cut his hair, adding that "[it's] safe to say she won this battle and I will be wearing a hat for a while." 

"She's scared of the trimmers, this is not going to well for me," Colton says in the video. "Oh boy, here we go." 

"I'm sweating," Cassie says as she holds the hair clippers. "Alright ladies and gentlemen." 

The end result? A new 'do that will leave fans speechless and with their jaws on the floor. The 28-year-old shared an "after" picture of the haircut that Cassie gave him and it looks as though she didn't quite finish what she started.  

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After his "quarantine" haircut, Colton was left with no hair on the top of his head and a bold amount of hair on his sides. 


"For those of you saying it's fake, this is me today," he wrote alongside a selfie on his Instagram Stories.

He added, "I'm staying in my hat all day." 

Bad haircut aside, it's good to see Colton in better spirits after sharing that he's made a "full recovery" after testing positive for COVID-19 back in March. 

"I just want to take a second and thank this beautiful woman and her family for taking such good care of me," Colton wrote alongside a photo with Cassie on Instagram. "Not only physically, but mentally too (and I'm probably the most high maintenance patient). She's hardworking, passionate, understanding, kind and has the biggest heart."

He continued, "Her family opened up their doors to us while we were in quarantine and through everything we stuck together. I have made a full recovery from the coronavirus and we managed to keep the entire family healthy as well."

You can watch Cassie giving Colton that epic haircut here on Instagram