See How Adam Ray & Brad Williams Transform Into Sia & Maddie Ziegler on The Funny Dance Show

By Allison Crist Apr 15, 2020 1:00 PMTags
Watch: Adam & Brad Channel Their Inner Sia in "Elastic Heart"

Talk about perfect partners!

Adam Ray and Brad Williams are competing on Justine Marino's team on tonight's all-new episode of The Funny Dance Show, and based on this clip alone, they seem to be totally in sync. 

Plus, Williams thinks they have an advantage going into the competition.

"I think we're gonna win. We have a nice combo—we have Jewish and dwarf," he says in rehearsal. "Pretty good! Pretty solid. I think that's a good one."

When the two hit the stage, they're dancing to Sia's "Elastic Heart." Ray is dressed as the pop star while Williams is impersonating her frequent collaborator, Maddie Ziegler. Throughout the performance, the duo emulates two people who have grown apart trying to find each other again. It concludes in the best way possible, too—with Ray lifting and cradling the wig-wearing Williams.

Both Marino and judge Allison Holker end up describing the routine as "magical."

"Y'all were at the two opposite ends of the stage reaching for each other, crawling for each other," she tells the pair. "You guys were locked in together and I'm locked in with y'all!"

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The other judges, Justine Martindale and Loni Love, were equally excited about the performance.

"It was good! I didn't know I was a fan of Peter Dinklage's little sister, but now I totally am," Martindale quips. "Winter's not the only thing coming, you know what I mean?"

All jokes aside, Martindale says he appreciated the "showmanship."

"You guys felt like you could trust each other, and that's what's most important in a friendship," he adds, pretending to get choked up. 

The ultimate praise comes at the end of the clip, courtesy of Love.

"You two are the new Jay-Z and Beyoncé to me, alright?" Love exclaims. "Twerk it, baby!"

Watch the entire performance in the above video, and get even more of Ray and Williams on tonight's The Funny Dance Show!