Dead to Me Season 2 Premiere Date, Deadly First Look Revealed

In Dead to Me season two, Jen and Judy return, tied even closer together than before.

By Chris Harnick Apr 10, 2020 4:01 PMTags
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There's nothing like lies to build a friendship on. Just ask Jen and Judy from Dead to Me.

Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini return in Dead to Me season two on Friday, May 8, but you don't have to wait that long to get a taste of what's to come. There's new art, which you can see here, and a new teaser trailer.

"I just want things to go back to before. Before everything happened," Judy says. Everything being Judy hitting and killing Jen's husband with her car and Jen shooting and killing Steve (James Marsden), Judy's ex-fiancé. You know, just little things like that.

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The new season picks up right after the events of the season two finale and the two ladies trying to keep the secrets buried. But there's a surprising new visitor in town and Detective Perez (Diana Maria Riva) is hot on their heels, so Jen and Judy have to take drastic measures to protect their loved ones and each other…no matter the cost.

"We have to stay focused on the positive," Judy says in the teaser above.

"How the f—k can you be positive right now? We are not in Snow White, we are in f—king Scarface," Jen says.

"Well, I've never seen that," Judy says.

"Neither have I, no girls have," Jen corrects her.

After the first season, series creator Liz Feldman teased the events of the finale were designed to tie them together even more.

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"Yeah, the idea was to force them back together to deal with their complicated relationship. Obviously, Jen and Judy have a love for each other, but once Jen finds out what Judy has done, that's a very difficult thing to forgive. So, we wanted to set them on an even footing," Feldman said. "They're forced together to keep this, secret if you will. And in doing so, will be confronted with having to forgive each other."

Season two premieres Friday, May 8 on Netflix.