Hannah Ann Sluss Continues to Troll Peter Weber With “Spicy” Instagram Post

Hannah Ann Sluss poked fun at Peter Weber's "manhood" once again with a "spicy" Instagram post. See what the Bachelor alum wrote here.

By emily belfiore Apr 10, 2020 1:51 PMTags
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And the burns just keep on coming.  

On Thursday, Hannah Ann Sluss poked fun at Peter Weber once again with a "spicy" post on Instagram. Taking to her stories, The Bachelor alum trolled the fan-favorite pilot over his "manhood" again—this time, using actual cauliflower. While showing off her chef skills by documenting the delicious buffalo cauliflower bites she made with her air fryer, she wrote, "Definitely not bland, I like mine extra spicy."

Bachelor Nation fans know that the caption was a sly reference to the comments she made during her interview on Off the Vine With Kaitlyn Bristowe. Earlier that day, Hannah Ann joined host Kaitlyn Bristowe and compared Peter's "manhood" to a cauliflower. When asked to explain her choice, she explained it was "because it has no taste," adding, "Cauliflower needs a lot of flavor. It's just bland. There's no taste."

Playing along, the former Bachelorette joked that she envisioned it being "more of a limp asparagus," to which Hannah Ann quipped, "Yes, but asparagus is good though. Cauliflower is just bland."

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In the weeks after the dramatic aftermath of her and Peter's failed engagement, the 23-year-old has been adamant that they ended things on good terms. On March 13, she shared how she has finally found closure during her visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show.


"I mean, actually watching the season has been very helpful working through any unresolved feelings I had towards Peter because I was able to watch my ex-fiancé not only make out with every girl, but see him just mislead and betray me," she told guest host Sean Hayes. "And, that alone kind of gave me the closure that I needed. And sometimes, knowing that you deserve better is the closure that you needed."

Further proving that she's ready for her new beginning, Hannah Ann deleted every photo with Peter from her Instagram.   

In fact, it appears that the model has a new love in her life. While talking about her current relationship status with Kaitlyn, Hannah Ann shared that she recently had a "FaceTime date" and that someone dropped off coffee, calling it a "quarantine fling." Not wanting to reveal who her "mystery man" was, she did assure Kaitlyn that he wasn't a member of the Bachelor Nation.

Hannah Ann isn't the only one that's moved on. Peter has been sparking romance rumors with his former love Kelley Flanagan, who he sent home on week seven of The Bachelor. Last week, it was revealed that the pair had been social distancing together in her Chicago apartment. Neither Peter nor Kelley have confirmed their relationship yet, but the lawyer stressed to E! News that they weren't together when asked in March.