Anna Kendrick’s LEGO Obsession Has Reached a New Level

Anna Kendrick joked that she's been doing "too much" LEGOs lately during her visit to The Tonight Show. See her latest creation here.

By emily belfiore Apr 10, 2020 11:52 AMTags
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Anna Kendrick has found the perfect social distancing activity.

On Thursday, the Trolls World Tour star joined Jimmy Fallon for an at-home episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where revealed that she's been passing the time by building a lot of LEGO sets.

Before showing off her latest creation, Anna explained that social distancing has somehow brought out the inner kid and the inner mom in her.

"Well, I feel like one weird thing that's happening is, like, I'm my own, like, kid and mother," she told the late night host. "Like, I feel like a kid because there's, like, nothing to do and I've got all this, like, pent-up energy and I'll, like, try to be responsible and, like, do emails and, like, clean something. And I'll have this conversation with myself like, ‘Mom, can I, like, do some LEGOs and watch West Wing?' And like, ‘Yeah, mom says it's okay. Yeah, alright!'"

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As for her newfound LEGO hobby, the Pitch Perfect star joked that it's reached a new level. "I'm doing too much LEGOs, like, I've never really done, like, LEGOs—like, the LEGO kits. Turns out, LEGOs are amazing," she said, adding, "It's so much fun. It shouldn't be this fun. I'm a grown up, what's happening?"

Excited to hear what she's built so far, Jimmy asked Anna to go into more detail about her kits. After she revealed that she recently completed the Star Wars Millennium Falcon set, Jimmy raved, "That's the biggest one!" Now well-versed in LEGOs, Anna replied, "Well, I think the Death Star's the biggest one. Actually…" Jimmy quipped, "You've become, like, a LEGO nerd."

Proudly holding up her completed LEGO Millennium Falcon, Anna admitted that she's become "weirdly attached" to the model.

"Like, I'm obviously gonna, like, take it apart and I'm gonna, like, you know, give it to a kid when this is all over," the A Simple Favor star said. "But, like, it's hard for me to not wanna, like, build a shelf of, like, all of the LEGOs that I made. Because I do feel weirdly proud of it. Like, when you make an IKEA piece of furniture and you're like, ‘Maybe I'm a carpenter? Maybe I'm amazing at this?'"

See Anna's amazing LEGO creation in the hilarious video above!

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