Top Chef All Stars L.A. Contestants Share Comforting Foods to Get You Through Social Distancing

From sourdough bread to roasted chicken, here's what the contestants from season 17 of Top Chef All Stars L.A. are eating in self-isolation

By Allison Crist Apr 09, 2020 6:21 PMTags
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Be prepared to make the long walk from your couch to the kitchen!

As season 17 of Top Chef All Stars L.A. is playing out week to week on Bravo, the contestants are at home, practicing social distancing amid the coronavirus outbreak like everyone else. However, because of their cooking skills, they're almost certainly eating better than most. 

Lucky for the rest of us—especially those that are surviving off of Ramen noodles or frozen meals—some of this year's contestants shared what they've been eating the past couple of weeks.

Take it from Jennifer Carroll: now is a great time to "think a bit outside the box, be creative and have fun in the kitchen!"

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From sourdough bread to roasted chicken, check out what the contestants from season 17 of Top Chef All Stars L.A. are eating in the gallery below!

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Stephanie Cmar

I am loving breakfast sandwiches on English muffins! So simple but so satisfying.

Jennifer Carroll

I've been making large batch sauces that I can use in multiple ways, and sometimes freeze for a later date. A few of my favorites are jerk sauce, coconut curry, tahina, and tomato sauce. I use them as marinades, turn into soup, add to rice, pasta, beans, eggs, potatoes and onions, really any veggies and sometimes sweets. I encourage everyone to think a bit outside the box, be creative and have fun in the kitchen! Sauces and spices can take plain & boring dishes to the next level.

Eric Adjepong

I always find comfort in a good rice dish. Simple fried rice with veggies, a low sodium soy sauce and usually whatever I have in the freezer; shrimp, steak or chicken. That and jollof rice!

Nini Nguyen

I have been falling back in love with a simply made cheeseburger with a butter toasted bun. Roasted chicken and sub-dishes that are made with leftovers are a weekly staple. Last week, I made my masa ball soup.

Melissa King

I can't stop making sourdough bread. I routinely make bread with my starter in my normal life, but it's become obsessive now that I'm home all day. I've also been making a lot of braises, slow roasts, congee and bone broths since I have the time to keep an eye on it.

Kevin Gillespie

I am loving sweets more than anything! Classics like cinnamon rolls, chocolate chip cookies, and fudgy brownies! They always seem to lift my spirits, and help me embrace my inner (and outer) fat kid! 

Brian Malarkey


A perfectly roasted chicken is one of those dishes I'm always craving. It's the ultimate comfort food for me and my family.

Karen Akunowicz

Pasta! I started selling wholesale fresh pasta at Fox & the Knife and I love to bring it home to cook. Nothing feels quite as comforting, especially in a time like this. I toss it with a simple tomato basil sauce or with tons of braised greens, garlic, chili flake, and top with pecorino.

I'm excited spring is finally here and we are starting to see green beans and asparagus in the market. Grill asparagus and top with a sunny side up egg- perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Lisa Fernandes

My comfort food right now is Chinese food. It's something I grew up eating. Oh, and cereal. I LOVE cereal! I share a bowl of cheerios with my nephew every morning!

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