Justin Timberlake Says NSYNC Inspired Saturday Night Live's "D--k in a Box” in This Hilarious Way

During his Hot Ones interview, Justin Timberlake realized that his boy band days in NSYNC played a hilarious role in creating the Saturday Night Live skit "D--k in a Box."

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Justin Timberlake is spicing things up.

On Thursday, the "SexyBack" singer sat in the hot seat for the season 11 finale of Hot Ones. Joined by host Sean Evans, he made his way through a round of fiery hot wings and answered some equally scorching questions. 

Taking a walk down memory lane, Justin reminisced about his early music days and recalled the moment music mogul Timbaland played him the beat for his debut solo song "Cry Me A River."

"The crazy thing about ‘Cry Me A River' was he beat-boxed it first. I came into the studio and I was like less than thrilled and I think he saw my mood and he just started, like, [beat-boxing]," he said, joking that his interview marked the first time he's ever beat-boxed with chicken in his mouth. "4 hours later it was, like, written and recorded and then we started working on post-production."

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Still feeling nostalgic, Justin also recalled helping Beyoncé create the beat for the freestyle rap "Yoncé" featured in her song "Partition," explaining that it was a fortunate accident. 

"So, I'm banging on buckets and [The] Dream came in and he started, like, freestyling a melody to it so then we just started messing through it that way," he said while fighting back the heat from his wing, revealing that other famous artists helped make the "Crazy in Love" singer's 2013 self-titled album.

"That felt like a camp to me because you were just kind of—everyone was just spitting ideas back and forth," he continued. "Like, Miguel came in. I had to leave town for a second and Miguel came in and worked on this ballad and wrote these verses. Then I came back in and wrote a hook to it and it was a fun time. It was a really fun time."

But arguably one of his biggest musical achievements goes to his Saturday Night Live skit "D--k In a Box." As he moved on to an even spicier wing, the Trolls: World Tour star shared that he was the legendary skit's fiercest supporter in the writers' room and realized that NSYNC played a hilarious role in helping him and Andy Samberg create their characters' costumes.

After "tripping" from the ghost peppers, he said, "We were, like, ‘What if we came up with, like, a duo of guys who are still stuck in a time and a certain style with, like, the silk suits and the herringbone chains and the well and meticulously sculpted facial hair—am I describing NSYNC? This is weird. I just realized that we took so much from those groups. Holy shit." 

See if Justin can handle the heat in the video above!