Modern Family Says Goodbye in Emotional, Slightly Ridiculous Series Finale

Modern Family ended with a whole bunch of literal goodbyes and one housewarming gift that will haunt our dreams.

By Lauren Piester Apr 09, 2020 2:44 AMTags
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Modern Family has come to an end. 

After 11 seasons, the Pritchett/Dunphy/Tucker/Marshall clan all said goodbye with a two-part finale tonight, and when we say that, we mean they literally all did a lot of saying goodbye, over and over and over again. 

Pretty much everyone is headed somewhere new, whether it's Switzerland, Colombia, Missouri, Oregon, or just a new apartment, but it was Mitch and Cam who kept almost leaving throughout the finale. Juuuuust as they had settled into their new house with their new baby, Cam got a call that the coaching job in Missouri was his after all, and Mitch only hesitated just a little. 

A surprise appearance from Elizabeth Banks as their old friend Sal, who is their new would-be neighbor, sealed the deal, and so the Tucker-Pritchetts are headed to Missouri, finally, after many false starts due to tornadoes and hail delaying their flights. 

Prepare For Big Surprises in Modern Family's Series Finale

That gave Mitch and Claire time to go steal back their skating trophy from the high school, while Cam and Gloria bonded as he steamed his suit. 


The Dunphys

Phil and Claire thought they needed one of their grown-up kids to move out to make their house livable, but just as they decided they no longer needed that, all of their kids announced they're moving out anyway. 

Alex's new job is now located in Switzerland, and she's starting up a slightly unorthodox, Haley-approved relationship with her new boss. Luke got into the University of Oregon, and Haley and Dylan realized they now have enough money (thanks to Dylan participating in medical trials) to get an apartment on their own. 

With all their kids gone, Claire agreed to join Phil on an RV trip across the country. 


The Pritchetts 

As Gloria, Manny, and Joe prepared for a trip to Colombia, Jay seemed to be losing his mind as he just stared off into the distance, but he was actually learning Spanish in preparation to join his family on their trip. 

Jay also successfully bought Cam and Mitch an insane housewarming present (see above) that they unexpectedly loved, but he will haunt us forever. Thanks so much, Modern Family

Modern Family aired on ABC.