Naomi Watts Is Going Viral for Her Hilarious Social Distancing "Meltdown" Video

Naomi Watts gave fans a look into her current social distancing situation with a hilarious—and super relatable—Instagram post.

By emily belfiore Apr 08, 2020 3:27 PMTags
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We feel you, Naomi Watts

On Tuesday, the Australian actress gave fans a look into her current social distancing situation with a hilarious—and super relatable—Instagram post. Taken after realizing that all of her appliances are malfunctioning, Naomi let out some much-needed steam as she came to terms what happened.

"Quarantine Day #756: When your printer, vacuum cleaner and dishwasher all break in the same day...." she shared. In the video, The Impossible star can be seen letting out a silent yell, which she ingeniously dubbed to the sound of a ferocious lion roar.

After sharing her post, she provided an update on the status of her other appliances, noting that she's added her family's blender and her 11-year-old son's computer to the list of broken items. "Oh and then the blender went too and zoom went funky on Kai's computer," she shared. Responding to a fan that joked she is moments away from having the same reaction after suffering her fair share of technical difficulties, Naomi said, "That's what moments like these feel like!!"

Naomi Watts' Best Looks

In recent weeks, the King Kong star has been treating fans to several social distancing-inspired posts on Instagram, including tutorials of the recipes she's been trying and fun dance videos. "Hope everyone is staying safe out there and managing through the #quarantine ok," she captioned a video of herself making "Quarantine Soup." "I'm not really a great cook but since we've battened down the hatches, I'm doing my best, as well as trying to laugh a little."

In another cooking video, she encouraged fans to donate to God's Love We Deliver, a non-profit that cooks and home-delivers medically tailored meals to individuals living with serious illness in New York City: "They need our help right now to be there for them during the Corona virus pandemic."

Taking to the ‘Gram after another successful round in the kitchen, she shared a selfie of herself enjoying a decadent slice of red velvet cake. "Quarantine PROTIP: EAT your feelings..." the mom of two wrote.

Keeping things uplifting, The Book of Henry star recorded her FaceTime conversation with her 94-year-old Nanna, who gave Naomi some sound sanitizing advice. "Nanna's pearls of wisdom," she captioned the video. "Quarantine FaceTime with Nanna. STAY [home] Nothing will take her down!"