The Schitt's Creek Series Finale Gave Everyone a "Happy Ending"

Find out what happened in the last episode of Schitt's Creek

By Chris Harnick Apr 08, 2020 1:00 AMTags
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The Rose family left Schitt's Creek, but not without leaving their mark on the tiny hamlet. Warning, spoilers follow for the series finale of Schitt's Creek titled "Happy Ending."

"Happy Ending" began with David (Dan Levy) receiving some not so happy news: It's pouring on his wedding day to Patrick (Noah Reid) Their outdoor venue? Just a big puddle. Their officiant? Canceled. So, the entire town came together under the guidance of Stevie (Emily Hampshire) and Johnny (Eugene Levy).

Moira (Catherine O'Hara), who previously served as officiant over one of Pat Sajak's weddings, stepped up to the plate for her son. Ronnie (Karen Robinson) secured flowers. The Jazzagals came together for music. Roland (Chris Elliot) secured the town hall for the venue. Meanwhile, Patrick arranged for David to have a massage and relax, something that was on the books before the weather-related mishaps.

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And Patrick made sure to tip generously to ensure David received extra attention. However, he didn't anticipate that would mean David receiving a "happy ending" from the masseuse. With that, uh, hiccup in the past, David and Patrick made it down the aisle as the Jazzagals sang songs significant to the show, "The Best" and "Precious Love." During their vows, which were presided over by Moira in an ensemble that could only be called pope couture, Patrick sang Mariah Carey to David. Years ago, that act would have sent David running.

After celebrations, Moira and Johnny headed to the West Coast, leaving their children at the Rosebud Motel. But they never received Roland's going away present…until they were leaving the city limits. As they pulled away, Johnny saw the new Schitt's Creek sign which now featured his family in place of the Schitt family ancestors, acknowledging the family's impact on the town.

Throughout the episode, an air of finality could be felt. From Alexis booping her mom and brother on the nose, the way she shows affection and indication of a close relationship, to the musical selections at the wedding. The finale was rife with emotional moments, but quick to remind viewers to laugh. A balance that is hard to achieve, but one Schitt's Creek has mastered over it six seasons on the air.

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