Carson Daly Introduces Baby Girl Goldie and Calls Her a "Beacon of Hope"

Carson Daly and wife Siri introduced their newborn daughter Goldie to the world on the TODAY show.

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Say hello to Carson Daly's baby girl!

On Tuesday, the star and his wife Siri Daly introduced the world to his newborn daughter Goldie during a special episode of TODAY. Joining his fellow anchors Savannah Guthrie, Hoda Kotb, Al Roker and Craig Melvin from their living room, the new parents gushed over their little bundle of joy, who they welcomed on March 26, and opened up having a child during the coronavirus pandemic.

"She is doing great," Carson said of his 12-day-old daughter. "She is the little pot of gold at the end of our family rainbow and she came, obviously, at a much-needed time in our country. So, she's been a wonderful distraction. And our other kids are here…and they're very glad that little baby Goldie's home."

Reflecting on how lucky she is to be surrounded by her children, Siri chimed in, "I mean, it's the silver lining in all this to have all of us home together."

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Despite just meeting his fourth child less than two week ago, the TRL alum said he can already tell what her future career will be. "She's headed toward professional beer drinking because she burps all the time," he joked, noting that she takes after her famous dad in that way.

Since the family and their community is practicing social distancing, Carson revealed that their local church was able to welcome Goldie into the parish with a sweet "drive-by blessing."

"So, we had a nice little outing here recently…where we got to do a drive-by blessing with Father Bob, that's our Catholic priest at our local parish," he explained. "He married Siri and I and he blessed our home when we got it. So, we drove Goldie down there and he stood six feet away and gave us a wonderful blessing. So, that's really been a highlight in the last 48 hours."

Still on the topic of blessings, The Voice host shared how his little one has been bringing an important light to the Daly family.

"You know, when we got home from the hospital, there was a great moment where our neighbors…all lined the streets and they made signs and it brought tears to Siri's eyes," he recalled. "[Goldie] has been a light…not just to our family, but to, like, our community, our neighborhood. Everyone is still very anxious and very nervous about the unknowns of the pandemic and here comes little Goldie, and it puts a smile on their face."

Carson added, "It's a harrowing time to be pregnant and to have a child, especially where we are geographically. So there's a lot of nervous people around us, and she's been a great beacon of hope."

See Goldie's adorable TODAY debut in the video above! 

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