How Moira Rose's Spectacular Schitt's Creek Series Finale Costume Came Together

Dan Levy and Catherine O'Hara walk us through the origins of Moira Rose's Schitt's Creek wedding look.

By Chris Harnick Apr 08, 2020 11:00 AMTags
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The fashions of Moira Rose on Schitt's Creek have always been over-the-top, inspirational and downright amazing, but the team took things to a new level in the series finale. Warning, spoilers follow for "Happy Ending."

As officiant at her son's wedding, Moira (Catherine O'Hara) took her job very seriously and stepped up to the altar in a very papal outfit, complete with one of her longest wigs yet. The outfit reveal made this writer gasp.

"Hello! [Laughs.] That was—talk about mother of the bride. That was beyond. Wasn't it fun? And with blessings from the Vatican, it looked like," O'Hara said about her look. "And I was so happy I got to be as emotional as I was in the wedding. To let my guard down, for Moira to let her let her guard down for a minute."

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According to series co-creator, star, writer and director Dan Levy, the look was a collaborative effort—and one that he felt immense pressure to deliver on.

"I don't want to say that that was the most pressure I ever felt in the history of our show, but figuring out Moira's wedding look, knowing that it was going to be the last big Moira look and also knowing that it was the last episode of our show, it was just compounded pressure on compounded pressure," he said.

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Levy said he sourced about six gowns for the character to wear, including the white Alexander McQueen gown she ended up wearing, but it was O'Hara who generated the theme. "The minute Catherine found out that she was going to officiate, she came up with the idea of, ‘What if we dressed her kind of like the pope?'" Levy recalled with a laugh. "And the minute we had that direction, everything really sort of fell into place. She had the idea for the headpiece, she wanted to have a little bit of her hair wrapped around the hat. And Ana Sorys, who did all of [Alexis] and Moira's hair on the show, just spent months trying to figure out how to make that hat with the hair on it. Finally, she did it."

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"I remember having this vision in my head and I ended up waking up at like 3 in the morning, texting Ana saying, 'I think she should have very, very, very, very, very long blonde hair and I think it should be kind of curled like a Botticelli painting. I think that's the vibe, and I think it should be on either side and I think they should be long, and I think we need jewelry.' So, I called Debra Hanson, who's our costume designer, and walked her through the process. And then of course, at the very it's like, well, yeah, throw on the Tom Ford boots, gold boots, and that feels very on brand with Moira," Levy said.

Once they had everything for one final spectacular Moira Rose look, Levy said it felt like they had accomplished more than a costume.

"The minute it all came together, it felt like such a celebration of the character, but it also felt like this celebration of our costume department, it felt like a celebration of the hair and makeup departments, and at the same time, it never overshadowed David and Patrick. So, from a costume standpoint, it was that perfect balance of being a complete showstopper, I hope giving the audience everything they could have ever imagined and then some, and still coming in a little under the radar so that David and Patrick had a moment to shine. I just loved it so much," Levy said. "The day that she came out in that look full hair and makeup, I just sent some photos to some friends of mine [Laughs.] and said, 'I think we did something right here.'"