90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days Had a Breakup, Blackmail and Breast Molds

Darcey and Tom finally met on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, but didn't go very well. Meanwhile, Yolanda received a startling email.

By Chris Harnick Apr 06, 2020 1:27 PMTags

We need to talk about Yolanda. One of the 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days season four stars, Yolanda met her man, Williams, via Instagram. He presented himself as an incredibly fit restaurant manager from England. However, they have never spoken over video chat. He claims his camera is broken.

When Williams got angry Yolanda wouldn't send him money for him to visit her, she decided she would visit him…if only he told her what airport to fly to. After questioning him more, Williams' Instagram totally changed. "I believe him because I love him, but the page is still gone," she said.

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Still, Yolanda decided to believe Williams. Even after he didn't call her for days. With the help of her daughter, Yolanda did research and discovered the changed Instagram name was of Nigerian origin. But how can he be Nigerian, Yolanda wondered, if he has an English accent? He doesn't have an English accent.

Things took a turn when she got an email from a "stranger" that said he would release private photos of her if they don't get money. The email claimed to know where she lives and that they can harm her. Who has nude photos of her? Just Williams, she said. She sent provocative photos to him and only him. "It's a case for concern for me and definitely my family," she said. But Yolanda maintained that Williams couldn't have been involved in this, he must have been hacked and that's how this stranger got access to her photos and info.


Lisa and Usman
After checking into a hotel in Usman's hometown, and Lisa wasn't satisfied with her accommodations. And then Usman disappeared for nearly an hour. This upset Lisa. "You promised to never leave me alone, and here I am in a hotel room alone," she said. He was gone. She opened the door to look for him and said she was terrified. This set off a big fight. He said she insults him and treats him like he's imprisoned. He said he has complied with Lisa the whole trip and was done. After the fight, Usman left only to return around 2 a.m. and the two struggled to get on the same page. They eventually decided to move forward, but is it truly settled?

Ed and Rosemarie
After making up, Ed got Rosemarie back to their joint hotel room where he instructed her to take a bath and get on the pajamas he bought her. He ordered a bottle of champagne and when she got out of the bath, he gave her a foot rub and asked her if he could kiss her.

"Kissing Rose felt like heaven," he said.

So, did they have sex? Rose wouldn't say, but Ed was quick to confirm they had sex and "It was awesome."

However, Rose had a complaint: Ed's beard. Then Ed had a complaint: Rose's leg hair. They both shaved and made their way to her hometown. Ed was clearly shocked by the living conditions Rose and her family live in. From the DVD cover curtains to the concrete walls covered in sheets, Ed said it wasn't what he expected. At a welcome dinner, Ed asked Rose's father, Freddie, his thoughts on their relationship. Eddie said he was unsure. He wanted to know if Ed is serious and what his intentions are with Rose.

Geoffrey and Varya
On their way to Siberia, Geoffrey and Varya sure seemed to move beyond their first big fight quickly. In fact, they went to the bathroom together on the plane and filmed it for viewers. Well, not all of it.

Geoffrey dropped the ball with no gift for Varya's mom, but improvised with roadside flowers. Varya's mother doesn't want her to leave, to be further away than Russia. He said he understands that. How well does Varya know Geoffrey? Can she trust him? Important questions. And Geoffrey is keeping the fact that he's an ex-convict from her.

Darcey and Tom
It's the big meeting everybody has been waiting for. Tom said he didn't sleep the night before, he said he has feelings for her, but they have problems they need to work out.

The conversation started out fine. Sort of. Tom said he didn't want to hurt Darcey, but she said it did hurt her. He said she was his best friend, a lovely wonderful woman. But she wasn't there for him when he needed her, he said. Tom said Darcey was always preoccupied with something that happened to her when he called. So Darcey cut right to the point: She knew about the Instagram girl.

"While Darcey and I have been spending time apart, I've actually met someone…I haven't told Darcey that I met someone else because I feel confused about a few things," Tom said in a confessional.

Tom told Darcey he met someone who loves him the way he wanted to be loved. "I'm not OK with that," she said. Darcey thought they were going to figure out where they stand. Now she said it hurts to find the truth. Can they be friends? Nope. "Move on from your life, I don't want anything to do with you…you are nothing to me right now," Darcey said.

"Try not to ruin the next one," Tom said. "Did you put weight on?"

Darcey wasn't having it. "Enjoy your life," she said.

"I will now that you're not in it," he replied.

"I'm glad it's done. It had to end," she said.

Stephanie and Erika
In Australia, Erika took Stephanie to get plaster molds of their breasts done. She said she felt like Stephanie would enjoy the date based on her online persona. Stephanie didn't really enjoy the date. It was the first time they were getting up close and personal with each other and there were other people around. Stephanie said she wished Erika had asked her and she got the wrong idea from social media.

On another date, Stephanie confronted Erika about having a dating app on her phone. Has she been with or been talking to other people since they started dating? Erika said no, she used the app for the networking feature. Stephanie asked her to delete it, Erika did, begrudgingly and the two erupted into a fight and Erika went running.

Avery and Ash
These two went on a picnic and talked about Avery meeting Ash's kid and ex-wife. That's about it.

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