Mandy Moore Singing "Only Hope" From A Walk to Remember Will Give You All the Feels

Mandy Moore sang "Only Hope" from A Walk to Remember while on Instagram Live over the weekend. Click here to watch!

By Jess Cohen Apr 06, 2020 11:39 AMTags
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Sing to me the song of the stars!

Mandy Moore just performed "Only Hope" for the first time in years! On Sunday, Moore took to her Instagram Live to perform an acoustic set with her husband, Taylor Goldsmith. While on Live, Moore delighted fans of her hit 2002 movie, A Walk to Remember, when she sang "Only Hope," which was featured in the film.

It's hard to believe it's been 18 years since the release of A Walk to Remember, the iconic movie based on Nicholas Sparks' book of the same name. The movie, which follows the love story of Moore and Shane West's characters, was released on Jan. 25, 2002. Since that time, the movie has only grown in popularity. So, it's safe to say that fans felt all the feels when Moore performed this song on Sunday!

As many will remember, Moore's character Jamie Sullivan sings "Only Hope" to West's character Landon Carter as they perform together in their school play.

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"So I lay my head back down/And I lift my hands and pray/To be only yours," Moore sings. "I pray to be only yours/I know now you're my only hope."

Watch Moore perform "Only Hope" above!