Biggest Loser's Erica Lugo Has Surprise ''Zoom Wedding'' Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Erica Lugo wasn't going to let the COVID-19 outbreak stop her from marrying her one true love.

By Alyssa Morin Apr 05, 2020 9:21 PMTags
Erica LugoRachel Luna/WireImage

Wedding bells!

Biggest Loser trainer, Erica Lugo, is feeling that newlywed bliss after getting married to her longtime love, Danny McGeady.

On Saturday afternoon, the couple surprised their closest friends and family members with their wedding, which happened over a Zoom call.

While this wasn't part of their original plans, they had to get creative due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

"Hey everyone. So I'm out of my 'wedding dress' but we got married today," the trainer shared on Instagram Stories, with a huge smile on her face. "We surprised all of our friends and family on a Zoom call... [They] thought the kids were putting on a school play, our friends thought we would drink together on a Saturday night and we surprised everyone with a wedding."

Erica noted that she and Danny took the necessary precautions on their big day by having their witnesses stand "10 feet away."

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"We got married... everything is legit," she added. "Love always conquers all, even during a pandemic."

While many brides and grooms have had to reschedule or completely cancel their wedding plans this year, Erica explained that changing her date wasn't an option.


"4/4 was a very important day for us and we did not want to miss out on that," she said on Instagram Stories.

She later added a similar message on her Instagram page. 

"Love always wins. ⁣@dannymcgeady. Our big lavish dream wedding was cancelled due to #Covid19 and #FlatteningTheCurve⁣," she captioned her post, alongside portraits of her big day. "4/4/20 was important to us and we wanted to keep this date as our wedding date. ⁣So. We kept it."

Despite the circumstances, the Biggest Loser trainer said her wedding day was everything she dreamed of.

"Perfect wedding. ultimately love doesn't need big venues, fancy menus and big crowds," she expressed. "Our love is what mattered the most today."