Let's Celebrate Sonja Morgan's 10 Most Outrageous Moments on The Real Housewives of New York City

Sonja Morgan made her debut on The Real Housewives of New York City 10 years ago; let's look back on her best moments

By Tierney Bricker Apr 16, 2020 12:00 AMTags

"When Sonja Morgan walks in a room, I'm still the straw that stirs the drink."

10 years ago on April 15, 2010, Sonja Morgan stormed onto our TV screens and Bravo would never be the same. It's hard to imagine The Real Housewives of New York City without Sonja, given her penchant for zany one-liners, wacky behavior and general Sonja-ness, but she didn't actually make her debut until season three, popping up as a friend of some of the ladies in episode 8, titled "New Girl, Old Money."

Viewers were actually introduced to Sonja via Luann de Lesseps, who explained, "Sonja Morgan is a friend of mine I've known for some time in New York. She's socially friendly with quite a few girls I know in the city. Sonja's a sexy pistol. She loves men. She loves parties. She's vivacious. She's a little crazy."

Like she said herself in that very episode, Sonja is the straw that stirs the drink and she's proven that time and time again over the last decade. 

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In honor of Sonja's RHONY debut, we've compiled her 10 most outrageous moments, from losing a tooth to scattering her dog's ashes in the river....


10. Being the Only Voice of Reason During Scary Island

During her first season with the ladies, Sonja weathered the iconic storm that was Scary Island aka the vacation from hell. And while it's hard to imagine now, given Sonja's tendency to be the wild one on trips, she was the only one to step in and realize something was up with Kelly Bensimon and that must be acknowledged.

But Bethenny having to scream "Go to sleep!" to Sonja nine years later must also be acknowledged, OK?


9. Anything Related to Her Toaster Oven

Like she once said, she's an international lifestyle brand and what international lifestyle brand doesn't involve a toaster oven that has been in production for almost as long as Sonja's tenure on the show? We were gifted the photoshoot with Heather "Hey mama!" Thomson and the fallout. We received the infamous breakfast with Cindy Barshop in which Sonja prepped eggs a la toaster oven. 

And gracious toaster with the most-(er?), Sonja even provided E! News with some go-to toaster oven recipes to try while self-isolating.

8. Her Dishwasher Reveal

Who can ever forget in the season nine premiere with Sonja casually revealed she washes her sex toys in her dishwasher...with other dishes. And just three episodes later, she revealed she washes her thongs in her bidet, of course. 


7. Speaking of Bidets...

"There's three things for the bidet," Sonja exchanged nonchalantly when the other women were asking why she was going to ice her face in the bidet during a season five trip. "There's washing the lingerie, there's icing your ass and then the obvious!"



6. Margs in Charge

Just this gem of a .GIF is all you need to know about the season eight trip to Puerto Vallarta. Well, aside from trying to makeout with many of her co-stars before setting her sights on Bethenny.

"You're pretty f--king hot," she told the Skinnygirl mogul. "Can I have sex with you. Let's get in here, come in. It's so hot. You're so amazing, oh my God. I love you Bethenny. I love you. You're an amazing girl."


5. The Iconic Question

It speaks for itself. But seriously, John: what were you doing there without Dorinda?


4. A Queen's Throne

Have you ever related to a mood more? 


3. A Pirate's Booty

Everyone remembers Luann's infamous hookup with the Johnny Depp look-alike Tomas during the St. Barts vacation in season five, though the Countess would deny, deny, deny anything went down. But "sex positive" Sonja would never deny a hookup, going on her own treasure hunt with Tomas the next night. "You have an incredible ass," Tomas is overheard telling Sonja behind a closed door. 

And when Heather later admitted to accidentally walking in on them, she joked, "Suddenly all those bruises make a lot of sense."


2. Loose Tooth

Any RHONY viewer knows Sonja's dealt with some dental issues over the years, but the most infamous tooth related moment came in season seven, when her tooth fell out while she was ripping a guy's shirt off.

And when a delighted Bethenny asked how much the tooth will cost, Sonja replied, "I have veterinarians that will do it. I have people."


1. Goodbye to Millou

Only Sonja would think to hold a memorial for her beloved dog of 18 years, inviting the ladies to a funeral at the East River after having a Swami priestess bless his ashes. The only problem? She didn't check the weather report prior, with the gusts of wind blowing Millou's ashes back on her and intern Tyler as she attempts to scatter them over the railing.

"He's all over me!" Sonja said, before brushing off her Valentino dress and casually mentioning, "I wore this to Prince Rainier's funeral."

And that right there is why Sonja is an all-time Real Housewives star. Here's to another decade of celebrating all things Sonja. 


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