Dogs aren't always man's best friend.

On Friday, Jimmy Fallon recruited his family dog Gary for a hilarious segment called "Jimmy Talks with Gary." Sitting on their front porch, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon host caught up with his canine pal and asked her a series of questions about how she's faring during social distancing. Much to his surprise, Gary's answers were quite sassy.

Kicking things off on a positive note, Jimmy wanted to know if his beloved pup was happy that her humans were spending more time at home, to which Gary, whose voice was dubbed over, responded, "Yeah, yeah. Totally. So, what's the ETA on you going back to the office?"

Taken aback by the dog's answer, Jimmy tried again and asked if she'd been watching any good shows lately. "I've been watching this new one, ‘Squirrel outside the window.' Super bingeworthy. Can't wait to see the squirrel does next."

Next on Jimmy's list of questions was to know who Gary's favorite Fallon family member was, and without any hesitation, she responded, "[Jimmy's wife] Nancy [Juvonen]. Boom, that was easy."

As for what's been the highlight of Gary's "quarantine," the adorable dog answered, "Probably when I snuck a bite of chicken from the table. When Jimmy scolded Gary for her bad table manners, things took a turn. Gary continued, "Don't ‘bad dog' me. I see the way you snack at 2 in the morning. I see everything in this house. Just keep the chicken coming, joke boy."

Slightly embarrassed, Jimmy moved on to the next question and asked Gary if she had any fun projects coming up. The Saturday Night Live alum's furry friend humorously replied, "Knocking over your glass with my tail, pulling the stuffing out of toys and I think I might have something going on with Quibi. No big deal." After hearing the dog's impressive answer, Jimmy quipped, "That is a big deal." 

Giving Gary the floor before signing off, Jimmy asked if she had any shout-outs that she wanted to give, to which she sweetly replied, "Yeah, I'd like to give a shout-out to everyone working through this pandemic." After Jimmy mistakenly assumed she was talking about him, Gary clarified, "I'm talking about all the real heroes, all the nurses and doctors and people working in grocery stores and the delivery men and women. They're risking their lives to save ours." 

Watch Jimmy and Gary's adorable chat in the video above!

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