Work(out) From Home: Selena Gomez's Trainer Teaches Us a Full At-Home Pilates Workout Routine

Watch Shannon Nadj walk through 15 moves that will get you sweating from the comfort and safety of your home, no equipment required!

By Amanda Williams, Kelsey Klemme Apr 05, 2020 4:00 PMTags
Watch: Break a Sweat With Selena Gomez's Trainer

Look at (you) now!

While our favorite gyms and studios are closed as we self-distance, that doesn't mean you still can't get your sweat on.

In fact, now is the perfect time to get a workout approved by none other than Selena Gomez.

E! exclusively caught up with her trainer, Shannon Nadj, who showed us a 15-move pilates sequence that you can easily do at home, no equipment required.

Simply follow along with Nadj in the two videos where she demonstrates a perfect 30-minute workout to do during your lunch hour or even with some friends over Zoom.

If you love these moves, then you'll want to check out Nadj's studio, Hot Pilates, when things open back up, including her newest location in Brentwood.

So grab your favorite fitness leggings and try out these moves that are definitely good for you.


Do 10 reps of each movement listed below, then repeat the entire sequence 3 times for a total 30 minute full body workout.

Remember to breathe, engage your core at all times and concentrate on form.

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The Moves

1. Cat Cow Warm Up

On all fours, position your shoulder over your wrists and your hips over your knees.

Inhale up into your spine as you arch your back, lift your chin and chest and gaze upwards. Exhale deeply as you stretch and round your back towards the ceiling. Return to neutral and repeat.

2. Fire Hydrant + Leg Extension (10 reps on each side)

On all fours, stack your shoulder over your wrist and bend your other shoulder. Square off your hips.

Lift your leg hip-high, then extend and stretch it back. Keep your abs pulled in and isolate your glutes. After 10 reps, switch sides.

3. Single Leg Pelvic Lift on Toes (10 reps each leg)

While lying on your back, raise one leg up and place your toes on the floor, keeping your shoulders down.

Keep your pelvis square while you use your glutes to lift and lower. Relax your hips and quads and keep your abs tight. Do 10 reps per leg.

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4. Ab Crunch Toe Tap

Initiate this move from your center core. While lying on your back, place your hands behind your head with your elbows wide and lengthen the back of your neck.

Curl your head up, lift your legs into table-top and squeeze them together. Lower and lift your head and legs together while scooping your abs in the entire time.

5. Ab Twist Straight Leg

Scoop your abs in as you lift and stretch one leg up as the opposite arm reaches for your toes.

Alternate legs and initiate movement from your center core.

6. Side Plank Hip Dip With Twist

Stack your shoulder over your wrists. Keep your neck long and your hips square. Lower your hips evenly, exhale as you twist your torso. 

Keep your stable arm strong and shoulder away from your ear and your abs scooped in as you lift and twist. Do 10 reps on each side.

7. Kneeling Chest Expansion

Kneeling tall, stack your shoulders over your hips. 

Reach your arms shoulder-height as you hinge back. Working your shoulders and arms, open your chest wide as you come back up to kneeling.

Squeeze your glutes and keep your abs pulled in and up.

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8. Lunge Stretch

Step forward, keeping your knee over your ankle. Stretch the opposite arm up and stretch the entire front of your body and your hips.

Alternate sides for 10 reps each. Keep your abs scooped in and your shoulders down.

9. Double Squat Jump

Stack your shoulders over your hips and knees over your ankles. Be sure to land lightly when you jump. 

Keep your abs scooped in and isolate your glutes for a total of 10 jumps.

10. Ski Squat

Stabilize your standing foot and sit into a deep squat. The opposite leg reaches out and in. 

Keep your hips square and abs scooped as you place weight in your standing heel. Try not to bounce and keep the shoulders back and down.

Do 10 reps on each side.

11. Curtsy Lunge + Bicep Curl

Step back and bend your knee a few inches from the floor. Keep your spine extended long and shoulders stacked over your hips. 

Bend your elbows to curl and dig into your standing heel. Keep your core tight and do 10 reps per leg. 

12. Tricep Hinge + Step

Step into a long lunch and stabilize your front foot. Hinge forward from your hips. 

Extend your arms back behind you with your shoulders back and relaxed. Use your abs to step your back foot in and bend your elbows. 

Keep your elbows locked and your neck & spine long. After 10 reps, switch legs.

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13. V Pull Down with High Knee Lift

Standing tall, reach your arms overhead into a V shape. Keep your shoulders relaxed and neck long.

Imagine pulling down a heavy bar, strengthening your back. Lift one knee up by scooping in your abs. Alternate with 10 reps for each leg.

14. Shoulder Press Combo with Side Step

Standing tall, bring your arms to 90 degrees, shoulder height. Take a step to the side and open up your arms. Relax your shoulders and keep your abs tight and neck long. 

After 10 reps, switch sides.

15. Plié Squat Stretch

Take a wide stance with your toes pointed out. Bend your knees while keeping your torso stacked and pelvis square. 

Inhale deeply. Stand tall and stretch your arms overhead and exhale long. Feel the stretch down the side of your body and front. Keep your abs engaged. 

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