Amy Poehler Is Watching Parks and Rec With Her Kids, But Can't Remember the Plot

Amy Poehler starred on Parks and Recreation for seven seasons, but she can't remember the plot enough to tell her kids what's coming.

By Chris Harnick Apr 03, 2020 2:16 PMTags
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Amy Poehler's kids met Leslie Knope for the first time.

While appearing on Late Night with Seth Meyers (via digital video), Poehler revealed her two sons, Archie and Abel, are watching Parks and Recreation, the NBC comedy Poehler starred on for seven seasons, for the very first time.

"That is pretty cool," she said. "It's really sweet. I've been texting the cast to show them videos of the boys watching the show, which is awesome. And I don't just say this because I'm on it, it is such a good show to watch right now because it makes you feel good and it's about a bunch of people working together to solve problems."

Parks and Recreation Then and Now

So, Poehler remembers the gist of the show, but that's about it.

"It's really funny because my kids are like, ‘Mom, what happens?' And I'm like, ‘I don't know. I don't remember,'" Poehler said. "I don't remember any of it! It's one long blur."

Poehler said she remember shooting scenes and how she felt shooting specific scenes, "but the actual story of episode to episode, I couldn't even tell you, so it's pretty fun watching again."

Parks and Recreation ran for seven seasons from 2009-2015. Poehler won a Golden Globe for playing always-earnest Leslie Knope, the deputy director of Pawnee, Indiana's parks and recreation department who went on to run for public office and work for the federal government. She was nominated for six Emmys for playing Leslie Knope and one for writing "The Debate" episode.

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