Monica and Brian Are Sending the Entire Family Karma Crew Mixed Signals and They Are Not Having It

Bali and Anisha call out Monica and Brian at dinner on the gang's Key West trip for not being able to admit they like each other

By Allison Crist Apr 10, 2020 2:00 PMTags

The Family Karma crew may have ditched Miami for Key West, but they weren't able to escape the ever-growing drama between Brian Benni and Monica Vaswani.

Things kick off when the group is out to dinner in this exclusive preview of Sunday's new episode, with Monica exacerbating an already tense conversation by telling Bali Chainani—who's simply inquiring about any potential "chemistry" between the flirty pair—to "shut up."

"Don't scream at us because we ask you about it," Bali says while venting in a confessional interview. "You know what, I've left my home, I've left my kid, I've left my boyfriend to come here and have a good time. Chill the f--k out."

The cameras flash back to Monica repeatedly telling Bali to drop it. Vishal Parvani is particularly surprised with her behavior, explaining in an interview that he wouldn't expect her to "talk back to elders."

The conversation continues because Amrit Kapai steps in to defend Monica, but his comments are directed at Anisha Ramakrishna, not Bali. She, too, wants to know if there's anything going on between Brian and Monica.

"When you want your stuff done with, but you can still bring up her stuff, that's not cool," he tells Anisha.

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Instead of backing off, Anisha references a couple of flirty moments she's witnessed on the trip, saying she's "confused."

"But it's none of your business!" Monica responds.

In a confessional, Amrit theorizes that Anisha is simply jealous that Monica could be on the verge of a relationship when she's not. 

"I don't know," he adds. "I'm at a loss of words at this point."

Aside from making a remark about how good the calamari tastes, Brian has stayed relatively quiet throughout the dinner conversation in the clip. But when Monica leaves the table, he's left to answer Bali's suggestion of needing "to own that there's mixed signals."

"Because everybody else is taking the sh-t for something that you're not admitting. There's mixed signals," Bali says. "There's no reason for any of us to get attacked about something that's so blatantly obvious."

Brian tries to downplay the situation, but Bali is more than prepared. 

"She was in your room last night and you had on your underwear!" she says, and then, of course, the clip ends. 

See the entire conversation for yourself in the above clip, and tune into an all-new episode of Family Karma Sunday at 9 p.m. on Bravo!

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