What Dan Levy Had to Shut Down While Making Schitt's Creek Finale

Dan Levy, Annie Murphy, Sarah Levy and more Schitt's Creek stars broke down the penultimate episode

By Chris Harnick Apr 01, 2020 8:48 PMTags
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As production on Schitt's Creek started winding down, series star and co-creator Dan Levy had to put his foot down and stop a certain behavior.

"There was a point where I had to shut down the, like, 'this is the last' stuff because it was getting to the point where you'd do something and someone would whisper, ‘this is the last time we're picking up cutlery,'" Levi said in the post-episode breakdown roundtable posted by Canadian broadcaster CBC.

Levi and costars Annie Murphy, Noah Reid, Jennifer Robertson, Karen Robinson, Sarah Levy and Emily Hampshire broke down the penultimate episode of Schitt's Creek in the video below.

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The episode featured a major revelation that Twyla, the ever-dependable server at Café Tropical, won the lottery. And not just a couple thousand bucks, she split $92 million with another person. "Honestly, to me, one of the biggest reveals of the whole show is that Twyla is like a multi-bazillionare," Murphy said.

"The beauty of the character is she exists as this sort of sounding board for so many people and has such a complicated history, and yet has such a lightness to her. But at the same time, there needed to be a reason for Twyla having the…hopefulness and optimism, and also as a symbol of wealth not equating happiness. That was, for us, sort of what the show is about," Levy said. "So to have a character that's been living with this kind of wealth and has lived her life in a really beautiful, lovely, lovely way was such a nice bookend to the exploration of what wealth means and how you can buy happiness or can't you buy happiness, and what is the true value of love."

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"Start Spreading the News" is seen by Levy as the first part of the series finale. The actor-writer-director said he designed it in two parts and "wanted to do it in a way that you get a lot of the sentimental stuff out of the way" in the first part. The "sentimental stuff" included David deciding to stay in Schitt's Creek with his partner Patrick, Moira (Catherine O'Hara) getting the offer she demanded in order to return to Sunset Bay, Johnny (Eugene Levy) planning to relocate his business to the West Coast with Moira and Alexis (Murphy) deciding to still go to New York City even though her entire family was no longer relocating there.

The series finale of Schitt's Creek airs Tuesday, April 7 at 8 p.m. across Pop, Logo and Comedy Central. A one-hour special retrospective follows.