Governor Andrew Cuomo Shares Heartfelt Message After Brother Chris Cuomo Tests Positive for Coronavirus

Chris Cuomo has tested positive for coronavirus. The CNN anchor announced the news via Twitter on Tuesday.

By Elyse Dupre Mar 31, 2020 6:01 PMTags
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Chris Cuomo has tested positive for coronavirus. 

The CNN anchor announced the news via Twitter on Tuesday.

"Sooooo in these difficult times that seem to get more difficult and complicated by the day, I just found out that I am positive for coronavirus," he wrote in a note shared to the social network. "I have been exposed to people in recent days who have subsequently tested positive and I had fever, chills and shortness of breath. I just hope I didn't give it to the kids and [my wife] Cristina. That would make me feel worse than this illness! I am quarantined in my basement (which actually makes the rest of the family seem pleased!) I will do my shows from here. We will all beat this by being smart and tough and united!"

Andrew Cuomo then spoke about Chris' diagnosis at a press conference in Albany, New York and reassured the public that his brother "is going to be fine."

"He's young, in good shape, strong—not as strong as he thinks—but he will be fine," the Governor of New York said. "But there's a lesson in this: He's an essential worker, member of the press. So, he's been out there. If you go out there, the chance that you get infected is very high." 

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While Andrew acknowledged many people recognize his sibling as the host of Cuomo Prime Time, he also said they only see "one dimension" of him.

"In his job, he's combative, and he is argumentative, and he is pushing people," he continued. "But that's his job. That's not really who he is. He is really a sweet, beautiful guy, and he is my best friend."

Andrew then looked back at Chris' career path and told the story of how he became a lawyer after their father "forcefully" suggested it. He said Chris went to law school but "never really had a desire to practice law." At age 26, Chris called his brother and told him he didn't want to be a lawyer anymore and that he wanted to become a journalist. However, Andrew, said it was "too late." Still, Chris remained determined. He quit his job at a law firm and took a job at Fox. He then continued to work his way up the career ladder and eventually landed his job at CNN, where Andrew said he "does a beautiful job."

Andrew also told viewers his brother is "funny as heck."

"He says to me, 'Even the dogs won't come downstairs,'" he added. 

All jokes aside, he reiterated that Chris is concerned about his wife and kids. Andrew also acknowledged Chris is smart and had been practicing social distancing. He then recalled a "situation" he had with Chris two weeks ago over their mother being at Chris' house.

"I said, 'You can't have mom at the house,'" Andrew said. "And he said, 'No, no. Mom is lonely. She wants to be at the house. I feel bad she's cooped up in the apartment.' I said, 'Yeah, I feel bad she's cooped up in the apartment, too. But [if] you bring her to your house, you expose her to a lot of things. You have the kids there; you have your wife there; you're coming and going; your wife is coming and going and you could expose mom to the virus.'"

Had Chris still had their mother at the house, they'd be looking at a "different situation than just my brother sitting in his basement for two weeks," Andrew said.

"It's my family; it's your family; it's all of our families, and this virus is that insidious and we have to keep that in mind," Andrew continued. "Keep in mind Matilda's Law. Remember who is vulnerable here and protect them."

To watch his speech, check out the video.

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