This Maryland Dog Named Soda Practices Social Distancing While Delivering Wine

Meet the Maryland dog named Soda who practices social distancing while delivering wine. Prepare to raise a glass for this special animal.

By Mike Vulpo, Jessica Finn Mar 31, 2020 10:05 PMTags

Raise a glass to social distancing and helpful dogs!

As millions of Americans practice social distancing amid the Coronavirus, one winery decided to get creative when it came to delivering delicious drinks to customers. How about a dog named Soda delivers the wine to eager customers?

"​Soda has been coming with me to the winery ever since I bought into the business a little over a year ago.  He loves all the attention our customers give him.  Since we are only allowed carry out, Soda is not getting to interact with all his friends as much," Lori Yata from Stone House Urban Winery in Maryland shared with E! News exclusively. "I was sitting with my daughter-in-law and told her how sad Soda seemed and she said is there a way you can have Soda deliver their wine.  So I hopped online and found a vest with side pockets, perfect to hold two bottles of wine."

What came next were special deliveries that had customers smiling from ear to ear and Soda wagging his tail.

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"Everyone loves the idea and have come as far as Alexandria and Washington D.C. just to see and have Soda bring out their wine," Lori shared. "This has definitely put some much needed pep in his step during these trying times and smiles on many faces."

Lori Yata/ Stone House Urban Winery

While Soda is 11 years young, Lori says the dog is in "great shape" and walks three to four miles a day. Soda has also been in Lori's life since he was six months old.

And while the Coronavirus pandemic has been difficult on small businesses like Stone House Urban Winery, Lori has and always will find comfort in her special four-legged friend.

"He has seen me through some pretty down times and has always been there for me," she explained. "Once again, he is standing at my side to help, and I am so grateful that God has put him in my life."

Lori continued, "My co-partner Lorie Dixon and I are so very thankful for all the support our customers have given us. We are a very small business and are just trying to keep our head above water…or should I say wine. If Soda and I can bring even an ounce of pleasure to someone, than I know we are doing the right thing."

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