Finished Tiger King? Here's 8 True Crime Documentaries to Watch Next

Done watching "Tiger King" and looking for a new true crime show to binge? Add these 8 true crime movies and shows to the to-do list

By Cydney Contreras Apr 05, 2020 7:00 PMTags

Right now, all anyone can talk about is Netflix's controversial docuseries Tiger King.

It's hard to go on social media and not see people talking about the alleged crimes of Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin, as well as the disappearance of her late husband Don Lewis. However, with only ten episodes available to stream, viewers are quickly finding themselves done with the series and searching for another show or movie that could inspire debates and capture attention.

The thing is, Tiger King is definitely next-level crazy. With big cats, polyamorous men and assassination attempts, it seems like no other show, movie or podcast could possibly compare.

But unfortunately, there's enough evil in the world to create true crime shows and movies to fill the time of those currently social distancing.

These eight shows and movies tell tale of bioterror attacks, Munchausen by proxy and truly baffling crimes.


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To see what shows to binge next, check out the gallery below!

I Love You, Now Die

The story of Michelle Carter continues to be a divisive one. In the documentary, the producers dive deep into the details surrounding Conrad Roy's suicide and whether or not his girlfriend, Michelle, can be held legally responsible for driving him to his death. Those who wish to come to their own conclusion on the case can watch the series on HBO Now. 

Don't F!@k With Cats

This riveting series is not about big cats, but the small ones. The three episode show follows multiple Internet sleuths who use their quick wit and investigative skills to bring down one dangerous and cruel killer.  Those with a Netflix subscription can binge the series now. 

Mommy Dead and Dearest

All true crime fanatics know about the death of Dee Dee Blanchard at the hands of her daughter Gypsy Rose Blanchard, but this documentary pulls back the curtain to reveal just how dark story really is. Director Erin Lee Carr details the years of abuse Gypsy experienced because of her mother's Munchausen by proxy and how that ultimately led to one of the most infamous murders. This documentary is also available on HBO Now.

Wild Wild Country

The title says it all. From beginning to end, this tale of the Rajneeshpuram community and its leader Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh is truly a wild ride. They begin with the leader a.k.a. Osho's origin story before eventually detailing the group's bio-terror attack on those who threatened their survival. The Duplass brothers executive produced the series, which can be streamed on Netflix.

Evil Genius

Like most of these true crime shows, Evil Genius is stranger than fiction. It details the 2003 collar bomb incident and the crimes of a mentally-impaired woman named Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong, who was convicted of armed bank robbery, conspiracy to commit armed bank robbery, and of using a destructive device in a crime. How investigators put Diehl-Armstrong in jail is explained on the Netflix show. 

The Jinx

Robert Durst's life and potential crimes are laid out plainly in this six-part series. Unlike some shows, the creator were able to interview the alleged criminal and actually ended up revealing key evidence that led to the arrest of Durst. All six episodes can be streamed on Hulu, Amazon Prime and HBO Now.

The Staircase

Since 2001, friends, family and investigators have sought to make sense of the death of Kathleen Peterson, wife of novelist Michael Peterson. She appeared to die because of a fall down the stairs, but police think otherwise. Eventually, Michael was convicted for her murder, but did he really do it? Documentarians seek to answer that question in the Netflix show.

Abducted in Plain Sight

Once again, the title of this documentary sums up the entire plot. Abducted in Plain Sight explains just how 12-year-old Jan Broberg was literally kidnapped by a family friend not once, but twice. More than that, the movie explores how evil can live right under our noses. True crime fanatics can watch the documentary on Netflix.