Jessie James Decker Opens Up About Her Body Insecurities With a Powerful Pic

Jessie James Decker gets real about her body insecurities, in a refreshingly candid post on Instagram.

By Alyssa Morin Mar 30, 2020 9:52 PMTags
Jessie James Decker, 2019 Academy of Country Music Awards, ACM AwardsEthan Miller/Getty Images

Jessie James Decker wants us to know we're not alone.

The 31-year-old star recently opened up about her body insecurities and how it's affected her self-esteem.

Although, the country singer's 3.2 million Instagram followers have come to know her as a bubbly, confident and outgoing celebrity, it seems there's more than meets the eye.

Over the weekend, Jessie shared a picture of her bubblegum pink bikini.

While it seemed like nothing out of the ordinary, it was the powerful and lengthy message that accompanied the snapshot that really resonated with her fans.

"I'll be honest I still get insecure when I put a swimsuit on sometimes because of how much loose skin I have from my pregnancies," she said, candidly. "I worked really hard to lose all of my baby weight. Even gaining 55 pounds with my first. It's no wonder I have so much loose skin two out of the three babies were 9 pounds."

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The "Flip My Hair" singer explained some of the measures she took to help deal with her "extremely loose skin."

"I was one of those lucky ducks who didn't get one stretch mark because genetically I have super elastic skin but because of my big babies and gaining so much I was left with extremely loose skin," she shared.

Adding, "I've had a few breast reduction surgeries and lifts to try to tighten up the skin on my breasts ( at one point the skin was so loose from growing to a size G from breastfeeding that I swear they could hit my belly button no joke ) but now I have been left with really intense scars all the way around my cleavage that I try to hide out of insecurity."

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Moreover, the fashion mogul also mentioned the many ways her body changed after having three kids, whom she shares with husband, Eric Decker.

"My ribs expanded to the point certain dresses can't zip up," she pointed out. "The amount of excess skin around my stomach sometimes I can't seem to push down enough into my jeans."

For Jessie, opening up about her insecurities is a way to let other know they aren't alone.

"The reason why I'm sharing this emotion is because I know a lot of moms feel the same way and sometimes I just feel frustrated that no matter how hard I worked out or toned up the skin remains and it's just something that I struggle with from time to time," she expressed.

She added, "Growing a baby is such a beautiful super power and I don't want to sound like I'm complaining one bit but I am a human being and sometimes the loose skin does make me a little insecure and make me wonder if I'm still sexy to Eric or if people are looking at my stomach when I'm in a bikini which I'm sure sounds silly but it's just me being in my head sometimes "

"I just want other women to know I'm with ya," she shared, before closing her detailed post. "And we in this together and it's a safe place here to vent."