Relive The Big Bang Theory's Best Inventions and Experiments

Exclusive: Watch a retrospective of The Big Bang Theory's best experiments and inventions over all 12 seasons

By Lauren Piester Mar 30, 2020 7:39 PMTags

The Big Bang Theory may not have any more new episodes for us, but it can still comfort us in this time of uncertainty. 

E! News has an exclusive supercut from the series of some of the best inventions and experiments, and maybe, just maybe, it will inspire you to discover your own version of super asymmetry or make your own hot ice while you're hanging out in your house. Or maybe you'll just laugh a bit, and maybe even cry a little when Sheldon and Amy get their Nobel prize. 

Or maybe you'll start to imagine what would happen if the Big Bang Theory gang were staying at home now, inventing new games to play virtually and likely solving some of the world's biggest scientific mysteries while definitely not watching TikTok videos and eating bread like some of the rest of us. 

The Big Bang Theory Cast: Then and Now

While the show is now in syndication and can be found airing on several different networks, the show is available commercial-free on Digital, Blu-ray, & DVD, and you can find out where to get it right here. You can even just buy it on iTunes, Google Play, or Vudu and you don't have to wait for it to be shipped to you. The full box set includes a ton of bonus features, including all the bonus features from each season and a whole extra set to go along with the entire series. 

One thing we'd highly recommend right now? Blooper reels. All the blooper reels you can get your hands on. 

The Big Bang Theory aired on CBS.