90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days Had Fans, Kangaroos and Fights

Find out what happened in the Sunday, March 29 episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days.

By Chris Harnick Mar 30, 2020 1:42 PMTags
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Baby love Lisa got her first taste of fiancé Usman's celebrity in the Sunday, March 30 of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days season four.

After their conversation with Usman's friend Aba, Lisa said she was still upset. However, Usman said he thinks his friend was speaking the truth and Lisa's behavior could interfere with his career. At the end of the day, Usman said the goal is to have them be together in the United States, have kids and bring the wonder that is Sojaboy, his music alter-ego, to the States too.

Viewers were treated to the music video premiere and Lisa got a solid introduction to his celebrity. The premiere, which was in a club and appeared to be attended by 25 people, shocked Lisa. Well, the women acting "like lovesick puppies" shocked her. "If anyone steps over the line, there's going to be an issue at this club tonight," Lisa said.

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The female fans were asking for selfies and had their phones in his face…and they didn't take too kindly to Lisa. While interviewed by the production crew, some of the female fans said it wasn't real love between Usman and Lisa, that he wants her money and she should run away.

After they made it out of the video premiere, Usman took Lisa to a new hotel in preparation to meet his family. She wasn't satisfied with the amenities, and made it known. Lisa, it seems, is not a fan of Nigeria, and people started to notice.


Geoffrey and Varya
After walking out on Varya's friends following the revelation that she has been talking to other American men, Geoffrey said he felt like he wasted time he could've spent with his family. "I should've been smarter than this," he said.

Varya explained what exactly she was doing: She was talking to an American man she met on the site before Geoffrey. They only communicate on Instagram. But didn't Geoffrey see a WhatsApp message? Oh yeah, he did. OK, so they communicate on Instagram and WhatsApp. Varya offered Geoffrey the chance to read all the messages. Did she meet this man? She sure did, but told Geoffrey, "it just doesn't work. I don't like the person."

Following a FaceTime call with his friend who might be in love with him, Geoffrey decided to meet with Varya again to hear her out. During the meeting, Varya said he made a bad impression on her friends, but ultimately, she regretted not telling him about this other man. She said she could've gone to America with any man, but said she was looking for real love.

Darcey and Tom
As the great meeting neared, Darcey and Tom continued to speak over text messages. Tom told the cameras that the distance was too much for them after she left the United Kingdom. According to Tom, Darcey was still upset about Jesse. Now he can't wrap his head around the troubles in the relationship. Will Darcey become overly emotional, as is the usual with her, at their meeting? That was his fear.

Ed and Rosemarie
Last episode, Ed asked Rosemarie to take an STD test. It didn't sit well with her. He said he just wanted to be able to trust her. "I may have lost Rose and I feel sick to my stomach. I have to fix this," he said.

Rose agreed to meet him and the two had a heart-to-heart. Over coffee, he apologized and said she is teaching him how to love. She said she wants to move on and be his wife.

Stephanie and Erika
Now in Australia and together for the first time, Stephanie said Erika is everything she expected and more, with kissable lips. However, she nervous to make any move. "It's exciting, but a little scary," Stephanie said about Erika, noting she can picture spending the rest of her life with her. Once she brushed her teeth, Stephanie welcomed Erika into the bathroom for their first kiss.

So, did they have sex? "I went to bed and I passed out," Stephanie said.

While out and about at a wildlife exhibit, Erika got a real look at the lengths Stephanie has to go to with her aplastic anemia.

David and Lana
It's meeting day and Lana is nowhere to be found. "This morning I woke up, feeling optimistic, but now that I'm actually standing here anger is setting in," David said as he looked around for his internet girlfriend. Fourth time wasn't the charm. David can't speak to Lana unless they're both on the site. He doesn't have her phone number. "I just can't believe this is happening again," David said.

He just really wants to meet her. "I've got to find out why this keeps happening," he said. So, David hatched a plan…that his friend shut down. He said he wants to go to Lana's city and find her. His friend cautioned against it because of the ongoing war. David, well, he seemed determined.

90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days airs Sundays, 8 p.m. on TLC.