Alex Trebek Reciting Lizzo's Lyrics Will Make You Feel Good as Hell

Alex Trebek treated Jeopardy! viewers to a surprise rendition of Lizzo's "Truth Hurts" during Thursday's episode, and it's just what we needed!

By emily belfiore Mar 27, 2020 3:36 PMTags
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Alex Trebek has us feelin' good as hell.

On Thursday, the Jeopardy! host treated viewers to a surprise rendition of Lizzo's "Truth Hurts." During the night's episode, the Grammy winner's hit song was featured in the category "Lyrics of Today," which prompted Trebek to recite part of its catchy chorus.

"Her: ‘New Man On The Minnesota Vikings, Truth Hurts, Needed Something More Exciting, Bom Bom Di Dom Bi Dum Bum Bay," the longtime host read to the trio of contestants. After contestant Evan Singer guessed the answer correctly, Trebek joked, "And I did it exactly like she does, didn't I?"

Variety reporter Rebecca Rubin captured the epic moment on video and shared it via Twitter. She captioned the post, "Alex Trebek singing Lizzo is actually exactly what we needed today." Delighted by the clip, one Twitter user replied, "If only he sang the part about the DNA test…" Another follower tweeted, "There's nobody like Alex Trebek."

Lizzo's Most Empowering Quotes

In recent weeks, Lizzo has been using her music to spread positivity to her fans. In the wake of recent events, the "Good As Hell" singer hosted a 30-minute meditation on her Instagram, where she played a rendition of her song "Cuz I Love You" surrounded by healing crystals. 

"A meditation and mantra to promote healing during this global crisis," she captioned her post. "Use at your own pace. Love you!" 

One week later, she took to social media to share another meditation "for compassion." Like her original video, Lizzo played a soothing song on her flute while she encouraged her fans to reset and be present. 

"Meditation #2 (for compassion)," she wrote. "A practice in connectivity during this social distance. Please enjoy."